The State of Travel Blogging 2013 [infographic]

At the tail end of 2012, we asked a range of travel bloggers to fill out a survey designed to take the pulse of the rapidly-expanding industry of travel blogging. With the help of social media agency, No Pork Pies, we were able to put together the following infographic to help us share the results of the survey.

We’d like to thank all the bloggers who took part in the survey and would love to hear your feedback on the results.

If you are interested in sharing the infographic on your site we have included an handy embed code at the bottom of the post.

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Travel Blogging 2013 Infographic

32 thoughts on “The State of Travel Blogging 2013 [infographic]

    1. AvatarKristian Bannister Post author

      Thanks for the feedback!

      What sort of things were surprising to you if you don’t might us asking?

  1. AvatarVee

    Stylish infographic! I’m surprised just how many take on sponsored posts. I would have thought many more would be focussing on getting their own voices and brands across.

    1. AvatarKristian Bannister Post author

      Hey Craig,

      Thanks for the praise. We were surprised by that most people we asked ran more than one.

      We’d be interested to know more about the travel blogosphere opinion on it. Is it generally accepted these days that bloggers will have often more than one blog to tailor content to different audiences?

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  3. AvatarDave

    Great infographic! It would have been interesting to know the following as well:

    1) how long people estimate they spend on their blog per week
    2) how much money people are making

  4. AvatarKristian Bannister Post author

    Good suggestions Dave. We may have to run another survey in the future to include those.

    If anyone has any further suggestions for questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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  6. AvatarVicky

    Very interesting to see how many monetise their blogs and take sponsored posts seeing as everything you read suggests sponsored posts are the devil’s work…

    1. AvatarKristian Bannister Post author

      We do have the data for that but unfortunately as everyone had chosen different currencies it was proving hard to segment the amount into different bands.

      If people were interested in seeing the results, I’ll be happy to to a redux of the infographic to include it though.

  7. AvatarChris

    Thanks for all of the hard work. Interesting to read about what other bloggers are doing, even if I am a wee bit heart-broken at not winning the Kindle :-p

  8. AvatarBecky Padmore

    Interesting infographic and especially interesting to see so many travel blogs monetizing their sites by links and sponsored posts.

    It will be interesting to see how this all works out when Google starts placing much less emphasis on links in their ranking criteria (which is the rumours are to be believed is not too far off). Surely that means most blogs will start losing all their main source of income?

  9. AvatarDEALYST

    This is very interesting and helpful. Thanks for the hard work putting this together. It was definitely interesting to see the average number of posts bloggers post every month. I was surprised that is was only 5-15. Imagined it would be higher as most blogs that we follow post around 5 daily! Would love to know which blogs participated. Great work!

  10. AvatarCarol Perehudoff

    I’m a pagerank 4 but I’ve never monetized. I’m being left behind! My blog is a general travel and lifestyle blog so I’ve recently started a second blog, because I wanted one that was more niche focused – I’m hoping this one will make money eventually. In fact, I’m hoping they both will. Yes, I’m finding it very difficult to keep up with two, plus my regular writing gigs, but I figure it’s good to set the groundwork now. Very interesting to see where I fit in – I don’t post as regularly as a lot of others. Must start. Good to see these stats! Thanks.

  11. AvatarDurant Imboden

    I was a little surprised to see that the most popular forms of earning revenue involved selling advertorial and/or Google PageRank. That seems like a risky approach over the long term, for two reasons: (1) It could result in a loss of search referrals, and (2) it’s based on the assumption that PageRank’s value as an SEO commodity won’t continue to decline in the years ahead.

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