Why book an Airport Hotel when flying in winter?

Are you a stressed-out traveller or a relaxed traveller?


Are you relaxed when travelling?



Does travelling make you stressed?

Far too many of us fit into the stressed-out traveller mode and if you’re not a big fan of long journeys anyway then it can make the whole experience unpleasant. Do you always have that nagging feeling and just know that you have forgotten something but have to go and catch your flight anyway? Do you snap at your fellow-travellers when you’re trying to get out the door and head to the airport because no one’s ready on time? Are you tapping away on the steering wheel waiting in traffic, or running through security or sprinting to your gate?

All of this makes for one stressed-out traveller. Often it’s even worse in winter when there’s the potential for bad weather, public transport delays and traffic on the roads. So, what’s the answer? There are plenty but we’re picking one to focus on – staying at an airport hotel the night before your flight.

We hear what you’re saying – why the extra expense? Why the extra time? Why the bother?

Well, there are three big reasons to start off your holiday or business trip in the winter by staying at an airport hotel the night before:

  1. Avoiding delays on your way to the airport
  2. An early start to your trip
  3. Get a deal

Don’t Delay

There is nothing that makes you cringe more than that scene in a movie of someone struck in traffic watching their flight pass overhead. Let’s be honest, even if it hasn’t been that extreme we all know that feeling of dread when we’ve been late to the airport. Sometimes you’re even leaning forward in your car seat when you’re stuck in traffic just willing to go faster.


That feeling of dread when you’re late for your flight and there’s traffic

Add to that scenario winter. Yes, that’s right, winter. Bad weather can mean delays to public transport and much more traffic on the road. More than that, with so many people travelling around this time of year to see family or attend last minute end of year or New Year work meetings, it just comes down to more people trying to get to the airport.

So, why go through that stress? If you book a hotel near the airport and travel up the day before it doesn’t matter if there’s traffic or if your train is delayed, you’ve got all evening to get there. Even better, when you arrive, what have you got waiting for you? A nice arm comfortable room. That’s what.

Start your trip early

Why not? Why not start your trip early. If it’s a holiday you’ve got another night of it spent in a lovely hotel, using fresh, fluffy towels, enjoying that excellent continental breakfast and watching a bit of tele. If it’s business, where better to be then in a quiet hotel room or bar with WIFI included to finish off that presentation and meeting agenda?

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