New Year – New Destinations

It’s 2016. A New Year. New possibilities. New Destinations.

16134208486_eaa33d4452_kLet’s be honest, everyone loves making New Year’s Resolutions. We might deny it, we might recoil from conversations about them, we might ignore them, but there is something pretty magical about a New Year. When you stand on the edge of new beginnings, and no matter what limitations were over you last year they just seem to have disappeared in that millisecond between midnight and 12:01am. The New Year is limitless in that moment.
For many of us we want to jump on the latest diet train, plan our next career goals, or decide to seek that personal fulfilment we’ve somehow been lacking. Not many of us think of travelling but in reality travelling can fulfil many of the resolutions mentioned above in a way which doesn’t feel like its taxing after we’ve been at it for a month.
We’re not talking about travelling for extended periods, although if people get the chance to experience the world like that then all the better, but why not choose a new destination this year and challenge yourself?

You want to try new foods? Find a better balance? How about China?

China is a massive nation and just like any country there are a variety of cuisines across their various regions. With many dishes relying on the staples of sea-food and rice, eating in China can avoid many of the processed foods we seem to rely on in the West. Just think of the Omega 3 packed into that fish and the unprocessed carbohydrates in rice!
Aren’t into fish? There are many areas of China, particularly in the north, which encompass herd and game meat too. And trust us when we say you will not get bored with the cuisine on offer, travelling around China will delight your taste-buds as well as your cultural side. Just have a look at China Highlights article on Chinese regional cuisine for a thorough run-down.

You say you want to go further in your career? Well, how are you setting those goals, what are your benchmarks, where are you getting your inspiration?

India has one of the fasted growing economies in the world and is now the world’s 3rd largest. With a population of well over 1.2 billion and a culture which is as colourful as it is fascinating India is one of the most life-changing places to visit. When planning your next career steps visit the country with the largest postal system in the world and the 2nd largest rail network. Now that’s infrastructure to admire.
Even better, go and experience the bustle of Mumbai. The commercial and business capital of India this city hosts some incredibly tourist attractions including the Bollywood Studio which you can tour, the beautifully gothic colonial era Chhatrapati Shivaji Rail Terminus, or take a break from inspiring your career goals by visiting the Sanjay Gandhi National Park tropical forest. Find out more from Lonely Planet’s guide to Mumbai’s top things to do.

Or is your New Year going to be a search for personal fulfilment? Are you not bothered about diet or career but you’re looking for something else? Something indefinable?

Italy is somewhere closer to home and a country which tantalises the senses. Whether you are popping to Venice to get lost in the little shops of curiosities along the canal streets, looking for that delectable Italian food in the city of Florence or wanting to stand in the place of history in Rome’s coliseum, experience something new in 2016.
Don’t let this New Year be filled with half-completed resolutions leaving you feeling unsatisfied. Take this time to experience the world in which we all live, a world full of possibilities, a world which you can stand at the edge of this New Year and jump into.

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