Top Ski Resorts for 2016

With the fresh snow falling across the Alps at the moment don’t miss the prime powder this year – get to the top ski resorts for 2016 to enjoy a week of skiing.
Are you heading for France or Austria? Fancy a bit of the Swiss slopes or are you after Spanish powder? We’ve had a little scout out to find out the latest happenings in top resorts so you can decide which mountain you’d like to carve-up this season.
Hochgurgl Base looking at Top Mountain StarAustria’s Obergurgl-Hochgurgl resort is based near Austria’s highest parish village. Home to the sensational 5300 year-old “Man from the Ice” discovered preserved in ice like some science-fiction movie plot-twist, Obergurgl-Hochgurgl is a popular resort with a massive amount to do. Although meeting the “Man from the Ice” might be top on your list, it’s a bit of a tall order, so why not make use of the various runs, ski and snowboard school, cross country skiing course or even mix it up and go for a mountain hike, ice-skate or toboggan?
Latest updates to the Obergurgl-Hochgurgl resort include the addition of a swanky new gondola providing another rest-stop among the many on offer. Grab some food or check out their in-house motorbike museum. Yes, that’s right, a motorbike museum…
4387682051_54fffa2bd7_oIf you’re into all that celebrity gossip and famous-people chasing then why not stop at Baqueira-Beret an old haunt of the Beckham family? You aren’t guaranteed to catch them having a kick-about on any of the runs, which run up a total of over 100, but at least you can ski a good variety of runs instead. In fact, let’s forget about the Beckhams for a minute and just bask in the fact that this ski resort is home to King Juan Carlos himself. Members of the royal family can often be seen on the slopes so there you go – your celebrity fix will be seen to.
Latest updates at Baqueira-Beret include their addition of a whopping 21 runs to its already massive offering to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Reputedly good value for money, Baqueira-Beret is the kind of place great for anyone on a skiing-holiday-budget.
Always notorious for the most expensive skiing holidays, Val d’Isère is the place where legendary skiers are born Henri Oreiller, Jean-Claude Killy and the Goitschel sisters, Val d’Isere seems to be worth the extra cash.
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Latest updates see Val d’Isere are hosting their event Frostgun on 16th February 2016 which will see freestyle lovers from around the world attracted to their resort for the biggest freestyle event in Europe. If it’s your thing then, like we said, Val d’Isere is where legends are born…
Verbier – the Swiss equivalent to Val d’Isère – boasts a massive array of things to do throughout the year so don’t let the winter season limit you. Found 1500m up, the valley which encompasses the ‘four valley’ ski area offers breathtaking views, great sporting activities and a thriving nightlife to all visitors.2771311206_117c2a41ed_o
Latest updates have seen Verbier set up a new last minute accommodation availability checker. Are you in the market for a last minute ski holiday and a cheeky bargain? Are you the kind of person who just books to go skiing on the spur of the moment? Well, Verbier really are catering for you now.
The great thing about Verbier’s accommodation checker is that it has been opened up to other business meaning that the range of hotels, chalets, apartments and the chance for a good deal has been greatly improved! You will be able to find accommodation up to 14 days before you travel and can access this service on

With the temperatures cooling and the rumours about snow here in the UK, make sure you plan your transport to the airport and leave plenty of time. It may even be prudent to book a hotel at the airport the night before to avoid road delays.

It’s a brief round up, but there you have it, a quick update on some of our favourite ski resorts. So where are you going skiing this year?

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