Why take a yearly holiday?

If you’re fortunate enough to take a yearly holiday, just be

So many people differ on the subject of whether a yearly holiday is essential and a lot of our opinions are based on how we were raised.

Many of us were born into a family which may not have had the funds for a yearly holiday. If our parents did, they just never took us on those family retreats which ended in the inevitable bickering, ice-cream eating and sand-castle building. For those families a yearly holiday was never considered a necessity.

For others family holidays were essential, and they always took the form of those classically British family budget campdrive-863057ing holidays. As soon as they read that, any self-respecting attendee of those holidays will have felt a little shiver run down their spines. Those holidays saw us become attuned to the sound of rain on the tent canvas, that cold midnight run to the grotty campsite loos or those questionable camping dinners that always seemed to come out of a suspiciously label-free can.

Still others of us were fortunate enough to enjoy fantastic holidays abroad filled with exciting activities in far-off places. We came back with those holiday nick-knacks which we
never quite new what to do with but seemed like a good purchase at the time. They ended up on our sun-bleached windowsills collecting an inordinate amount of dust but we just selfie-1124695couldn’t throw them away. They were the sole proof, in our tumultuous British weather, that somewhere the sun was shining, could shine, for more than a 3-hour window in the third week of July. We remember trying different foods, hearing all sorts of languages, climbing through foreign countryside and admiring different cultural heritages if we were fortunate enough.

So the majority of us come to a discussion about a yearly holiday from a different angle to our counterparts. Some of us consider them essential, giving us a break to look forward to all year, others see them as an occasional luxury in not so luxurious surroundings and still others don’t even have the vaguest notion of a holiday floating around in their universe of potentials.

It all boils down to why. Why take a holiday? Why make it a yearly thing? Why spend the money?

Why do we view camping in a soggy tent with our saturated family as exciting? Why is driving to the airport to catch a flight at some inhuman hour such a joy? How is a week somewhere else doing us any good? What’s the big deal?

The big deal is that humans need a break! It’s in those small moments, and on an annual holiday in that extended period, that we get the briefest of chances to forget about the mundane, the everyday, and to just be. We can obsess over the position of tent pegs and run out of the tent like a mad thing when the sun peeps the tiniest of rays over the prevalent rain clouds. We can ‘ah’ with joy or screw our nose up with shock when we try different foods. We can revel in the beauty of another culture. We can just be.

Just being is, to be frank, very underrated. It is also an art, one which we could all learn to do a little better, so why take a yearly holiday?

• To just be with friends
• To just be with family
• To just be in another culture
• To just be relaxed and rested
• To just be in the moment


We love to plan for the future and when it comes to holidays that is usually essential, but remember, the reason you’re on holiday when you’re there and – just be.

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