Top 3 Romantic Valentine’s Destinations for 2016

Thinking of taking your loved one away this Valentine’s Day?

Ah, that time of year when anxiety besets couples and groans are emitted from single people is almost upon us once again! Valentine’s Day, the day of frantically bought flowers, soppy cards and guilty chocolate eating.
Many of us, if we have ever celebrated Valentine’s Day, have thought long and hard about what romantic gesture we might employ to show our love for our other half. Well, don’t worry about Valentine’s 2016, because FHR have it covered in the ideas department. We did a little research and have pulled together what we consider are the top 3 most romantic holiday destinations for Valentine’s celebrators in 2016, and for those of you not celebrating, how about going anyway and treating yourself?
We have chosen them according to their romanticity (yes, that is a word we have created just for this blog post) and listed them in order of distance from the UK which usually dictates just how long this little romantic getaway might end up being!
1. Venice, Italy
Lonely Planet’s description of Venice is simply the best:

Imagine the audacity of building a city of marble palaces on a lagoon – and that was only the start.

Venice can be the location in which to spark your romance so have the audacity to go this Valentine’s Day. A city which is famous for floating on water can be seen at best advantage from the seat of a gondola as you are punted along wrapped in the arms of your loved one.
Venice - Valentine's Destinations 2016
Lose yourself amidst the myriad of trinket shops that line the streets of Venice or bask in the beautiful classical architecture reflected in the buildings which line the canals. 23rd January – 9th February 2016 is going to see the Venice Carnival take over the streets of the city with enigmatic masks, fantastical costumes and that indefinable mystery that romance is made of. Disappear into an age where intrigue and trysts are the order of the romantic day, where your backdrop is the beautiful arches and quaint bridges of the Venetian landscape, and where nothing is as it really seems, just as that ol’ romantic Bill Shakespeare envisioned in his plays.
This is the place where romance is made, so why not visit this Valentine’s Day?
2. Santorini, Greece
Not into dressing up in Venice? Well, why not dress down admidst the warm sunshine of Santorini. A white plaster landscape of sunshine soaked Mediterranean houses this island dwelling gazes out over the blue Aegean, and reflects it in those famous ecclesiastical domes which top the Santorini skyline.
Santorini - Valentine's Destinations 2016
It might be winter but Santorini rarely sees more than a few days of consecutive rain and remains mild, so why not potter down to some of the local wineries with your loved one to taste the finest wines that the island produces before drawing on an outer layer and going to enjoy a gastronomically gorgeous meal at some of the finest Mediterranean restaurants?
That should get you in the romantic mood, and you know what? Santorini just happens to be a popular wedding destination so if you pop that magical question maybe you’ll be back here before long, tying the knot in front of the age-less ocean and against the island landscape that helped shape your romance!
3. Maui, Hawaii
We’re torn between pegging this as a sports-enthusiast or beach-lounging destination. Whichever way you choose to experience Maui, it is most definitely a spectacularly romantic destination. Watch the sunrise from the peak of Haleakala, Maui’s eastern volcano whose slopes can be seen from everywhere on the island. Situated in Haleakala National Park, home to many endangered species, if you are an outdoorsy couple you can even snuggle up in a tent the night before you hike up the volcano to watch the sunrise.
Maui - Valentine's Destinations 2016
If that doesn’t sound like you, have no fear, there is no shortage of 5 star resorts on the island complete with white sandy beaches adjacent for a relaxing holiday spent frolicking in the surf and sunning on the beach. Leave the extreme sports to the others this Valentine’s Day and just enjoy the beauty of Maui and the face of your loved one!
So step away from the classical romantic Paris this Valentine’s day and try something new whether it be in the Renaissance country of Italy, a Mediterranean retreat in the Greek islands or an exotic adventure in Hawaii. Organise your surprise getaway, maybe even start it with some airport lounge passes, and whisk away your loved one to one of these romantic places.

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