Get your Valentine’s on in 2016 with these romantic travel tips!

In our previous post we did a good job of presenting some of the most romantic destinations in the world for all Valentine’s Day celebrators in February 2016. If you haven’t seen it you should have a look and decide which of the destinations you want to visit with your loved one – maybe even make it a surprise! We love surprises, so we’re sure they will.Valentines Day with BookFHR

As we have provided you all with some rather good Valentine’s Day destination ideas, we thought we’d give you a few handy travel-tips which could make your trip away even better.

Firstly, we always recommend when flying somewhere for a trip that you arrive the day before your flight and stay in a hotel. Now this isn’t just because it’s a good idea to miss bad traffic, public transport delays and cancellations, or to promote stress-free travelling for yourself. It’s because it’s romantic! Why start your Valentine’s getaway with a bleary eyed, exhausted early morning or late night drive to the airport for a full day’s travelling only to arrive without the inclination to enjoy the romance of your getaway?

No, it’s better to stay over the night before because that way, you can wake up fresh-faced and just potter over to the airport on one of the regular bus or train transfers in good time for your flight. Even better, it starts your holiday early! What’s an extra night in the grand-scheme of things? You can leave after work to arrive at the hotel for a late dinner with your loved one and then wander off to bed in the knowledge you have shortened your travelling journey the following day.


Secondly, airport lounges. Now there was a time when these were the reserve of the rich and famous or the elite businessman, but no more! You and your Valentine can get a great deal on airport lounges which will allow you to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy terminal. Even better, you don’t have to worry about finding the nearest news agents for that measly bottle of water you need before you get on an air-conditioned plane when you have complimentary drinks and snacks in your airport lounge – treat yourself. Sip your drink over a complimentary magazine while you wait for whatever included hot or cold food you’ve ordered. Some lounges even provide spa options if you’d like to start your Valentine’s Day off as relaxed as possible. If your concerned about accessibility, you just have to ask, most lounges offer disabled access for travellers so don’t let that concern stop you from treating you and your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

Thirdly, use meet and greet parking. What is this? Well, if you’re not sure have a little look at our Guide to Meet & Greet Parking which gives a full explanation. For a short explanation just think of it as valet parking. It’s like in the movies, apart from you’re not just popping into a restaurant for dinner, you’re popping across the ocean in a plane for a romantic getaway to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Want to feel romanced? Like you are both super special? Want to feel like a famous couple? Well then, Meet and Greet parking will add that extra je ne sais quoi to your trip. Have your car taken and securely parked at the airport for you and then magically appear at the terminal when you arrive back, the keys dropped in your hand so that you can travel back to your home smoothly not losing any of that hazy romance you were lost in while you were away.

Those are our suggestions to spark the romance and help it burn while taking off on your romantic Valentine’s Day in 2016.

Happy Valentine’s everyone from…your Valentine!


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