Entertaining 3-5 year-old kids on a short haul flight

Parents of little ones will know that going on holiday is always preceded by one large obstacle:


There’s nothing quite as challenging as having several little cherubs locked in a plane for a few hours on your way to Greece or Spain.
Travelling with Children | Entertaining Kids on a Short Haul Flight | Book FHR BlogIt tends to be at the moment the plane is taxiing and the attendant has locked the doors that your child cries, ‘Mummy, I need the toilet!’ and you have to explain as best you can that they can’t go until the plane is in the air, all the time hoping they don’t wet themselves. More than that, once you’re off the floor and your kids have gotten over their initial ear-aches you realise that on a short-haul flight there is no in-flight entertainment system and it’s all down to you…
Well, our next selections of posts will help you do it. At Book FHR we want to salute travelling parents and provide a practical helping hand when it comes to entertaining kids on short haul flights. We’ve broken it down into three posts covering the age brackets: 3-5 year-olds, 5-8 year-olds, and 9-13 year-olds.

Entertaining 3-5 year-olds on a flight

Children sticker book on plane | Entertaining Kids on a Short Haul Flight | Book FHR Blog1. Sticker Books

Ah, sticker books, these age-old favourites can provide plenty of fun for little ones. Sticker books are fairly light-weight and have all the stickers and pictures in one making them an easy go-to toy for travelling kids. Whether a sticker book on Dinosaurs, Peppa Pig or a good old Farm Yard you’ll find ones to suit your children among the many available.

2. Travel Sketcher

Give your little one a fun drawing experience without the mess of pages or pencils that have a mysterious ability to go missing after falling on the floor and rolling to the end of the plane.
Using these classic sketch pads might seem a little 1950s but trust us, they still entertain just as well as they did then and can provide at least half an hour of interest, even longer when you wipe the screen and start again!

3. Fairy-tale finger puppets

Finger Puppets | Entertaining Kids on a Short Haul Flight | Book FHR BlogThis is for those of you parents with more energy and heaps of imagination. You can get yourself a little pack of finger puppets and create a wonderful animated story of your own – never mind that missing flight entertainment system. Brush up on your fairy-tales before you go for story ideas, or why not imagine your own holiday story for the kids?
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