Something went wrong with my holiday, what do I do?

How to Claim for Holiday | Airport Parking | Book FHRAnswer: You can claim for compensation in different ways including:

  1. From the ATOL protection scheme
  2. From the ABTA
  3. Under your holiday protection insurance
  4. Claiming against your payment card
  5. Claiming against the individual supplier

If you have had a problem with your holiday you can try and claim compensation.

Can I claim for my holiday?

You are legally entitled to claim compensation if:

  • Loss of value:

    • This means you had a lower value holiday i.e. if you booked a room with a balcony but got a room without one
  • Out-of-pocket expenses:

    • This means when you had to pay for something you shouldn’t have had to i.e. you booked airport transfers but had to pay for your own taxi because you weren’t picked up
  • Loss of enjoyment:

    • This means you were expecting something you didn’t get making you disappointed i.e. you were expecting to have access to the hotel sauna but it was closed for renovations during your stay
  • Your flight was cancelled:

    • If your flight was cancelled and you didn’t get what you should have i.e. your tour operator was supposed to book an alternative flight for you and didn’t
  • Your airline goes bust:

    • If your airline goes bust before or while you’re away. You need to have a holiday that’s covered under the ATOL scheme. You’ll either get a refund or finish your holiday and fly home without paying extra

Ways to claim for my holiday:


ATOL logo smallATOL protection means your booking is part of the main UK travel-bonding scheme. This means you are protected if your tour operator goes bust. You can claim under the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing (ATOL) scheme.
Your travel agent needs to pass the booking on to your tour operator in order to claim under ATOL. If they haven’t, claim under the ABTA – see below.


ATBA | How to Claim for Holiday | Book FHRThe Association of British Travel Agents is the other main UK travel bonding scheme. Using an ABTA travel agent means your holiday is protected by that trade association. You will be able to claim a refund from your travel agent.

Holiday Insurance

If you booked holiday protection insurance you will be covered in some form. Check your paperwork to see what compensation you can get. Then submit a claim through your insurance provider.

Your credit card or visa debit card provider

Credit and Visa Card | How to Claim for Holiday | Book FHRIf you booked your holiday this way you can claim from your bank. Check with your individual bank for what’s covered and how to claim.

Supplier provider

If you didn’t book through an ABTA travel agent or have ATOL protection with your holiday then it’s harder to claim. You will need to go to the individual providers who failed and make a formal written complaint to their company asking for compensation.
Make sure you include: booking reference, details of the problem, evidence and receipts, and what compensation you want. Remember, if it’s not a UK company then the law can be different.
We encourage all our customers to get the right holiday protection for them before booking their airport parking through us.

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