How do I claim for my holiday?

Answer: Claim against suppliers, holiday protection insurance and your credit card or visa debit card providers

If you didn’t purchase a package holiday then there are fewer ways to claim if something goes wrong.

  • Ask the company for compensation

How to Claim for Holiday | Airport Parking | Book FHRThe supply company you claim against will depend on what went wrong with your holiday. You may claim against the: hotel, airline or another supplier.
Write to them to ask for compensation including: booking reference, problem you had, evidence e.g. photos or receipts, and the compensation you want.

  • Did you purchase your holiday on credit or debit card?

If you booked your holiday on credit card (or some forms of visa debit depending on the bank), you can claim a refund. Check with your bank.

  • Did you get holiday protection insurance to cover ‘supplier failure’, ‘act of God’ cover and ‘Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance (SAFI)’?

If you purchased holiday protection insurance you can claim against that. The main thing to do is go through your policy and check what is covered. Here is a list of the basics and what they mean:

  • Supplier Failure:

This lets you claim for: accommodation, car rental, airport parking and other suppliers failing to deliver.

  • Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance (SAFI):

SAFI lets you claim for cancelled flights.

  • Act of God:

This lets you claim for unexpected natural events like volcanic ash clouds grounding flights.

To read out full guide for what to do if something goes wrong with your holiday look here.

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