FHR Interview with Ceri

Our next interviewee in our 30th birthday celebrations is our Office Manager Ceri

Q. Tell us a little about yourself, who you are, how long you’ve been at FHR and what you do there?

A. I am the Office Manager and started at FHR 21 years ago in October 1994.

I manage the office by answering any questions the reservations staff may have and to assist them in any way that is required. However, my main job is in accounts, getting supplier payments ready for the month end.

 Q. What has been your highlight during your career at FHR?

A. Being made Office Manager as when I first started I was a reservations agent.

Q. What has made you stay at FHR?

 A. The people I work with, as everyone here has the same goal to make our customers happy and we all work together as a team to try and achieve that.

Q. Describe a day in the world of FHR.

A. Firstly, I check my emails then look at any statements that have come in to check, however in between, I may answer some calls if it becomes busy on reservations. It can be quite random, I come in thinking I will get on with a specific task and spend my whole day doing something urgent that has cropped up, so no two days are ever the same.

Q. What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you at FHR?

A. Most of them would probably be on one of the many evenings we have had out together, as we have been lucky enough to have had quite a few over the years.  One in particular, comes to mind at a Christmas Party, it snowed heavily that evening so we started having a snowball fight on the dance floor in our glad rags!

Q. What is it about FHR that interests you?

A. Wondering what will happen next, as FHR has come a very long way in the years I have been here which has been great to see.

 Q. What is the most satisfying thing you have accomplished at FHR?

A. Employing long serving staff, as that to me reflects we must be doing right.

Q. Why do you think that customers have chosen FHR year-after-year for 30 years now?

A. The feedback I get when clients call is that we are efficient and make things easy for them, whether it be making a booking or doing an amendment, we try our upmost to be the best!

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