Can posting my holiday on Social Media lead to burglary?

burglarYour holiday was booked months ago. The departure date is getting closer and excitement is building. Are you broadcasting this on your Facebook account or Twitter feed? Commenting on looking forward to getting away from it all, or visiting Disney, or taking the trip of a lifetime is tempting.

And what about when you are actually there. Let’s face it, our social media feeds are full of photos of friends on holiday, so it is natural to want to show off when it’s your turn. Can you resist putting up your photos of beautiful beaches or snow covered mountains when you’re away?

You’ve taken the trouble to cancel your milk and newspaper deliveries, asked a neighbour to pick up your post from the mat and you’ve set lights on timers. Presumably you did all this to deter thieves. And you probably didn’t put a big sign on your front door saying “Gone on holiday”.

But this is EXACTLY what you are doing when you talk about your holiday on social media before or during the trip. According to the Office for National Statistics, 392,341 burglaries were recorded in the UK in 2014-15. A survey carried out in 2011 by home security experts, Friedland, revealed that 4 out of 5 ex-burglars interviewed strongly believe that social media is used by current thieves to target homes.

So next time you go on holiday, make sure your social media posts are set as private just in case you slip up and mention your trip. Turn off the “checking in” function, as burglars have been known to use airport tags to confirm when a house is empty. And finally, enjoy your holiday and wait until you are back home to post those envy-inducing pictures!

One thought on “Can posting my holiday on Social Media lead to burglary?

  1. AvatarVeronica

    It’s true as many more people are updating on Facebook about their holidays, plans and trips. The thieves are always looking for such things. We can see such cases on newspaper, television and social media. There are many people who face such difficulties, so never ever post anything about your travel trips on Facebook.


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