How will Brexit affect holidays?

Brexit has been the talk of the UK since the 2016 referendum. It may not be everyone’s favourite topic to discuss at the dinner table, however it is certain that Brexit has lit a political fire in many and divided the country.

brexit-flagIt has on numerous occasions been reported that Brexit will have a negative effect on the travel and tourism sector and some will say that the post referendum drop in the pound has almost certainly confirmed this. Others however will disagree; currency fluctuation is quite normal and us Brits have certainly had the benefit of a strong pound for some time. Will a few less Euros or Dollars in our pocket stop us from taking a well-deserved break from the daily grind and the routine 9-5 job?

We know that Brexit means changes to our borders and we might not find it quite as easy when entering or leaving the EU. But on a positive note, let’s be hopeful that UK citizens get back their own immigration line when re-entering Great Britain. What a wonderful thought, no more long queues just to get home.

For some, ‘staycations’ could be the answer to any travel price hikes. The UK has so much to offer from traditional seaside towns, wonderful coastlines and beautiful countryside, through to buzzing, lively cities. Many overseas visitors will be taking advantage of the exchange rate and making the most of what the UK has to offer, bringing with them much needed revenue.

However, if you ask most Britons why they choose to jet off, invariably the answers are to experience new cultures, make memories, see the world and to escape Britain’s unpredictable weather. There are still great deals to take advantage of and amazing adventures to be had. What Brexit will mean for UK holidaymakers in reality remains to be seen, but small inconveniences are unlikely to stop regular travellers from taking their cherished trips abroad.

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