Not All Gatwick Car Parks Are a Field

Many people flying from Gatwick use their own vehicle to travel to the airport. Often this decision is down to convenience. Using your own car means you can drive to the airport at your own pace and avoid heaving your luggage onto and off the train. This is particularly useful if you are travelling with young, old or disabled people in your group. Sometimes it is just easier to take the car.

car-mudThere is also the peace of mind that when you return from your travels, your vehicle will be there ready for you, and you will not have to hang around waiting for a train or public transport.

If you do drive to Gatwick, you will, of course, need to find somewhere to leave your car for the duration of your trip. In a nutshell, you need to choose a car park.

When should you book your Gatwick airport car parking

We would strongly advise you to book your airport parking before your trip, the earlier the better. Ideally you would book your parking the same time that you book your holiday or flight. At peak times of the year, car parking spaces are fully booked out weeks in advance. Even in quieter months, you could struggle to park on the day. Can you imagine getting to Gatwick then having to drive around from one car park to the next, only to find there is no space? Airport car parking is also often cheaper the earlier you book.

Only use Gatwick Airport approved car parks

Gatwick car parking sporadically receives bad press. Holidaymakers returning to Gatwick to find that their car is parked in a muddy field. Or worse, as witnessed in July this year, hundreds of vehicles had disappeared altogether due to the closure of the car parking firm.

Not only should you be prepared and book your airport car parking in advance, but it is also crucial that you book an approved car park. Avoid leaving your vehicle in a car park that is not fully secure by booking one that is approved by Gatwick Airport. Some car parks will ask you to leave your keys so that your car can be moved; at others, your vehicle will remain where you park it.

Gatwick car parking options

parked-carsThere are different options for parking at Gatwick. You could opt for park and ride where you get a transfer, or meet and greet where you drive straight to the airport and meet a representative there. Or combine parking with an overnight stay at an airport hotel. The important thing is to make sure that the car park is secure and approved.

All of FHR’s Gatwick car parks are part of Gatwick Airport’s Approved Operator Scheme. This means they meet criteria from Trading Standards and most have been awarded the ParkMark for safer parking. We only use carefully selected airport car parks that offer secured facilities with features such as CCTV, high-security fences and security guards.

For more information, or to book your secure airport car parking, contact our friendly team today.

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