5 Best Shopping Streets in the World

Paris to New York, September is a pivotal month in every fashionista’s calendar. At FHR, we are celebrating all things glamorous as we explore 5 of the best shopping streets in the world.

1. Paris, Champs Elysee

champs-elyseeThe chosen destination of Louis Vuitton’s flagship store, the Champ Elysee is both grand and extravagant. Structurally spectacular, shopping here is like stepping straight onto a glamorous Hollywood movie set. Surrounded by beautiful handbags and fine jewels you will be left feeling like a star straight off of the silver screen. Experiencing late night shopping when visiting the Champs Elysee is a must. The atmosphere from the surrounding clubs, bars and restaurants is truly exhilarating.

2. Bond Street, London

If you are looking for elegance and pure luxury, then a trip to Bond Street in London will not disappoint. Formed of New and Old Bond Street, the area is home to many exclusive designers such as Burberry and Chanel. Gaze through windows at the breath-taking jewellery and antiques worth a small fortune, and experience the royal treatment when it comes to retail therapy.

3. New York, Fifth Avenue

fifth-avenueThe buzz of the big apple is electrifying. With busy streets and amazing high-rise buildings, it is a trip to be enjoyed by all. New York offers so much for you to experience, especially if you are in need of some retail therapy. Fifth Avenue in Manhattan is one of the most iconic and expensive shopping streets in the world. Famous department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s are located here. High end designer boutiques such as Versace, Gucci and Christian Dior are only a few of the leading industry giants that you can find on this street. Many tourists visit Fifth Avenue over the Christmas period to meander through the crowds while enjoying the magical window displays and the crisp, wintery weather.

4. Ginza, Tokyo

Ginza is more than a shopping street. Covering 8 blocks, this shopping district is as spectacular in retail excellence as it is in size. Famous for its prestigious department stores and lavish retailers, visitors from across the globe flock to view iconic fashion brands and their fabulous window displays. The Ginza shopping area truly comes alive in the evening, with neon lights illuminating the shopping district, reminding visitors why it is recognised as one of the most famous and admired shopping areas in the world.

5. Via Montenapoleone, Milan

Via MontenapoleoneIt is hard to deny that when it comes to fashion, Milan knows best. When looking for luxury fashion this shopping street has it all. With international fashion houses based here, the street feels like a runway. Gucci’s flagship store resides on Via Montenapoleone, offering the designer’s ready to wear collection, as well as customising garments adding a personal touch to Gucci pieces. This iconic Italian shopping street has also become well known for its leather goods and accessories and, with its high fashion flair, has shoppers from all over the world wanting to splash their cash.

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