Gins from Around the World

Just because summer is officially over for the year, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a gin beverage to help us prepare for the autumn weather. Join us as we take a trip around the world to see what some of the most wonderful countries have on offer when it comes to gin.gin cocktail

STUMP Coastal Forest Gin, Canada

Created at the Phillips Fermentarian, beautiful packaging and natural ingredients are what make this gin stand out at the bar. Crafted using hand-foraged herbs, barley and natural botanicals grown in British Columbia this gin gives off a scent of sweet juniper and lavender, mixed with a simple yet citrusy taste, which people particularly love in a refreshing G&T.

Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin, Japan

Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry GinThis rice-based spirit is accompanied by ingredients such as ginger, bamboo and lemon peel, giving it a sweet scent and spicy warm taste that has become the popular choice of many. If adding tonic to this gin, expect a flavour explosion as floral flavours become more prominent and a subtle hint of ginger hits the taste buds.

No. 209, San Francisco, USA

Perfect for mixing, this fruity gin has a hint of spice which has become a popular favourite in bars around the UK and the US. On the nose, No. 209 has a spicy, citrus scent with inviting floral notes. The citrus is powerful when it comes to taste, with zingy orange coming through, however not overbearing and extremely delectable; it is clear to see why this gin has become a classic.

Elephant Gin, Germany

elephant-ginNorthern Germany is the home to Elephant Gin. This award winning premium gin combines African botanicals (14 to be exact), juniper and orange peel, creating a fruity yet spicy taste. Elephant Gin is a must-have on your liquor shelf and can be enjoyed neat or splashed in a range of cocktails, including the timeless classic The Martini. The packaging of this gin is as spectacular as the spirit inside, the hand-crafted bottle complete with cork stopper has an old-style feel, reminiscent of those beautiful washed up bottles found at sea.

Herno Gin Old Tom, Sweden

Founded in 2011, this gin is one of the more recent creations on our list, however, it has already won countless awards around the world for its spectacular taste. This gin is created using 8 botanicals from around the world, including juniper berries from Hungry and vanilla from Madagascar. It is a worldly drinking experience you do not want to miss. When it comes to taste, this gin is wonderfully refreshing and perfectly sweetened. The taste of herbs and mix of spices excite the taste buds   without overwhelming the palate. A must-try beverage in our books.

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