FHR’s Favourite Travel Influencers

A Lady in London


LadyinLondonA London-based travel blogger, originally from San Francisco, Julie Falconer is the creative brains behind this award-winning blog. Falconer’s work is appreciated by many. With a strong social media fan base and having written work featured on Lonely Planet and Time Out to name just a few, the industry has certainly noted her as an industry expert.

A new, but firm, favourite of ours here at FHR. We can’t get enough of her beautiful photography that brings each location to life through our screens, and friendly written content for all travel enthusiasts to enjoy.

Fun for Louis


Louis Cole lives the life that the travel-obsessed dream about. Documenting his amazing trips through video to nearly 2 million subscribers on YouTube, Cole immerses himself entirely in every spectacular adventure, while showing his audience the true wonders of the world. If you are on the market for action-packed travel videos, with everything from skydiving, skateboarding and to watching him fly around the world in his own plane for 90 days, then we think we have found what you are looking for! Cole’s love and dedication to his craft radiates through the screen and each new video inspires us to book a spontaneous trip of a lifetime.



blondeabroadHoliday snaps and Instagram are the perfect pairing. Most of us have to hold our hands up to inundating our online friends with photos of us enjoying our travels, however, no one does it quite like theblondeabroad. The account, run by Kiersten Rich, is a colourful paradise, showcasing beautiful beaches, delicious food and amazing architecture. It is as pleasing to the eye as it is inspiring. The Blonde Abroad blog is as vibrantly energetic as her Instagram, with travel tips, activities and outfit posts, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Bald Hiker


The Bald Hiker was founded in 2010 by Paul Steele, and over the years has become a popular blog read and appreciated by many. Readers join Paul and friends as they document stories from their travels, accompanied by spectacular imagery. Not limited to just travel, the blog features mouth-watering recipes to sink your teeth into, explores the wonders of nature and there is even something for fitness fanatics to enjoy.

Let us know if you have a favourite travel blogger, vlogger or social media personality. We might be able to include them in our list of favourites next time round!

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