How to Avoid Valentine’s Day!

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love is not necessarily in the air for everyone! Are you one of the many who wants to avoid this Valentine’s Day altogether? Well, we are here to help you out. Check out these 3 ideas to get you enjoying that time of year without having to really think what day it is.

1) Greece

greece acropolis | Book FHRWhy not pick a place to go that is within Europe and won’t mean sitting on a plane longer then you are spending at the destination? Somewhere that you will be in beautiful surroundings within a few hours. Greece is a perfect destination for this and can take your Valentine’s blues away with one look at the beautiful scenery.

With plenty of destinations within Greece which have well priced flights such as Athens, Rhodes and Crete, there really isn’t an excuse not to go. Why not treat yourself to a long weekend away? Greece is well known for its beaches, and after a small flight you could be walking along one.

2) Berlin

street art berlin | Book FHRBerlin in Germany is a wonderful place to visit and could be a nice small break away. The time to get there is short haul, meaning less time sat on a plane and more time site seeing.

Berlin is Germany’s capital city and has lots to see. You could visit the Berlin wall remains or a beautiful concert hall called the Berliner Philharmonic. To keep you busy during the avoidance of Valentine’s Day, Berlin also has a great art scene which can be found all around the city.

With plenty to see and do, a trip to Berlin will keep your mind away from Valentine’s!

3) Barcelona

barcelona street | Book FHRBarcelona! Our 3rd and final idea to take us up on is Barcelona. Being around a 2-hour flight from Gatwick, you can’t go wrong visiting this beautiful city. What more could you want than to be lying on a beach forgetting that Valentine’s Day even exists?

Also, if you enjoy a cocktail, Barcelona is well-known for having one of the best night life scenes. So, why not treat yourself to a tapas bar or visit the top sights around.

Talking about these flights and places, why not give yourself an extra treat with an airport lounge before your flight? Take relaxing to the next level.

After all, having to sit through all the Valentine’s build up, you surely deserve it?

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