Top 5 Alcohol Festivals Around the World

Looking for a festival to attend this year? One that will involve some alcohol and dancing? Here are our top 5 picks of alcohol festivals around the world. If you are going to a festival, you might as well pick somewhere abroad and catch some sun too!

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1. La Fira Del Vi

Location: Falset, Spain

Date: 5th to 6th May 2018

Wine Barrels | Book FHREnjoy La Fira Del Vi which will introduce you to the wine as well as culture of the region. Wine within this area is made by hand, therefore it’s only right that they have a 2-day festival dedicated around this, isn’t it? Of course, it should benefit us too, and being able to drink this delicious wine is a real treat. To complete the festival, they include mouth-watering food, and music to really create the festival feel.

2. Tales of the Cocktail

Location: New Orleans

Date: 17th to 22nd July 2018

Cocktails | Book FHRSpend your summer in New Orleans with the worldwide cocktail community going for the 16th Tales of the Cocktail Festival. Something a little different, the event offers seminars and competitions, as well as networking events showing what the cocktail industry is offering. Being able to see the different and new techniques of cocktail-making is a must!

3. Budapest International Wine Festival

Location: Hungary

Date: 6th to 9th September 2018

Budapest Sign | Book FHRTreat yourself and visit Budapest International Wine Festival. You will get the chance to taste some delectable award-winning wines from Hungary. This year there are the best wines from Chile too. With great food, concerts, cultural programs, and even children activities if you want to bring the little ones along, this really is a festival you can’t miss!

4. Wurstmarkt Wine Festival

Location: Durkheim, Germany

Date: 7th to 17th September 2018

Wine Glass Festival | Book FHRBad Dürkheim Wurstmarkt is said to be the largest wine festival in the world. Who doesn’t want to visit a festival full of wine, but not just that, the largest one of its kind! With its heritage of over 57 years, there is also live music to complement the festival and fairground attractions to keep you busy. Definitely one to visit!

5. Oktoberfest

Location: Munich, Germany

Date: 22nd September to 7th October 2018

Oktoberfest Swings | Book FHROktoberfest claims to be the biggest folk festival. The event does focus a lot on beer, but also has the heritage of folk festivals. This festival is held over 2 weeks and, according to The Telegraph, brings in around 6 million visitors per year. With that amount of people, it is said that nearly 7 million litres of beer are also consumed at this festival! Why not even dress up for the festival in a traditional Lederhosen for men or Dirndl for women? Sit back, drink beer, listen to music and enjoy Oktoberfest within its heritage roots!

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