Advantages of Meet & Greet Airport Parking

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Parking at the airport can be stressful! Finding a secure space to leave your car, hoping it will be ok, and worrying about getting the correct bus to your required terminal. With so many people travelling every day, there’s a possibility you won’t be able to find a space at all. Or, that you will spend too long trying to find a space, then miss your flight.

A way around this, and to gain other benefits from airport parking, is meet & greet parking. There are advantages, whether you are travelling for business or leisure. Whether you are travelling by yourself or with family.

Money saving

Book FHR offers meet and greet parking at great prices, giving you the opportunity to save money and have someone collect your car from you. No more endlessly searching for a space. The chauffeur will be insured and professional, so you can relax and trust that your car will be in safe hands.

Heavy luggage

Struggling with your luggage can be a pain. Dragging your luggage out of your car, across a car park, and onto coaches or buses, can leave you exhausted before you’ve even reached the airport. This can make the start of your holiday somewhat stressful.

Hand Shake | Book FHRWith meet and greet parking, you will be able to drop your car to the company chauffeur near the entrance. Avoid having to struggle with heavy baggage. When you return from your trip, your car will be delivered back to the airport, ready for collection. Far better than waiting around for a transfer bus to an off-site car park, or relying on public transport to get home.


We all want to know that our vehicles will be safe when left in an airport car park. The thought of your vehicle being scratched or even broken into, can really put a worry over your trip away. Press stories of cars parked in muddy fields or being damaged, haunt us all. That is why at Book FHR we only use approved companies. You can rest assured that your car is safely parked. Our car parks are covered by CCTV cameras, fenced-in areas or compounds, and even the possibility of security guards.

We have 5 stars on Trustpilot, why not read the reviews for peace of mind. Attending to your airport needs, we offer a range of airport services at great costs, including meet and greet parking. Why not book through us, save yourself time and money, and know that your car is safe!

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