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Where to go on Holiday for September Sun

Las Vegas | Book FHR

With the kids back at school, and their parents back at work, even the most popular resorts become less crowded in September. The good news is that there’s plenty of sun to be had at some spectacular locations at this time of year. From the fast pace of Las Vegas to a relaxing retreat on the Continue Reading »

Top 10 Islands in the Sunny Caribbean

Dominican Republic Beach | Book FHR

So, you have been putting it off for years. Always promising to take the family someplace special, somewhere hot-hot-hot, a beach holiday in the truest sense of the word. You have already taken advice from friends, thumbed stacks of holiday brochures and yet you still don’t know where to throw down your beach towel. Whether Continue Reading »

Alternative Holidays for August Sun

Botswana Lodge | Book FHR

There’s no denying that August is the busiest holiday month for Brits. If you have school age children, there’s a good chance you’ll be taking your family summer holiday in August. So, where can you go with – or without – the children for an enjoyable break in the sun?  We can’t promise you’ll avoid Continue Reading »

Discovering Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji | Book FHR

Come across literature showcasing what Japan has to offer the visitor and you will no doubt be confronted by an image of this iconic snow capped mountain top. Mount Fuji, or Fujisan as it’s known in Japan, was listed as a ‘Cultural’ World Heritage site in June 2013, due to its religious significance. UNESCO World Continue Reading »