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Portuguese: Useful Words and Phrases

Portuguese Flag | Book FHR

Did you know that Portuguese is the sixth most spoken language and is the fastest growing European language in the world behind English? Travel with ease and impress all your friends using our Portuguese Language Cheat Sheet! Useful Portuguese Words and Phrases Hello – Olá Good morning – Bom dia Goodbye – Adeus Good afternoon – Boa tarde Continue Reading »

Discovering Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji | Book FHR

Come across literature showcasing what Japan has to offer the visitor and you will no doubt be confronted by an image of this iconic snow capped mountain top. Mount Fuji, or Fujisan as it’s known in Japan, was listed as a ‘Cultural’ World Heritage site in June 2013, due to its religious significance. UNESCO World Continue Reading »

Honeymoon Like a Royal

Namibia Sand Dunes | Book FHR

Are you in the throes of organising your wedding? If so, one of the most important decisions to make, is “where shall we honeymoon”? You may even want to plan your wedding around the honeymoon, making the decision of timing to suit the destination you have in mind. We do not, of course, have confirmation Continue Reading »