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Roaming around Athens

Athens City Break Guide | Book FHR Blog

This classic guide to Athens city will let you find the best and cheapest ways around some of Athens’ best sights. Included in this guide: Ermou Street’s shopping Acropolis and Parthenon Thanasis Kebab Psirri for dinner & bars   Good morning! Having flown into Athens, either take a taxi from just outside Athens International Airport, Continue Reading »

Top 3 Historic Sites around the World

Acropolis Athens | Historic Sites | Book FHR Blog

Now we’ve really been enjoying this whole cultural destinations and historic sites theme for this month’s blog posts. You see it really makes you think about the world around us and all that is on offer when you go travelling. The best part is, a lot of the places and things we’ve looked at don’t Continue Reading »

Cultural Holidays: Visiting World Famous Art

Michael Angelo

This month’s blog posts are focusing on cultural holidays either when travelling for leisure or in those cheeky hours snuck away from the meeting you’re on a business trip to attend. We want to take you on a trip around the world, highlighting some of the most cultural spots and artefacts to view and visit in your life Continue Reading »