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How Easy is it to Travel with Young Children?

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You have a young family, maybe a new baby, but want life your life as you know it to continue as normally as possible! Maybe that includes travelling, possibly abroad, just as you have done in the past but with one or two changes to the method. Planning, Preparation and Packing for Young Families The Continue Reading »

UK School Holiday Dates for 2019/2020

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Do you need to know School Holidays Dates before you book? Hiked up prices for travel during the School Holidays is the bane of most of our lives. We may have children in school or simply work in education, and are therefore required to take our holidays when the schools are closed. Travel prices can Continue Reading »

Top 5 Kids Travel Apps

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We’ve compiled some of the best apps for kids below to help you entertain your little ones when travelling and when you want some down-time on holiday. Just remember, in some of these apps you will need to pre-download programs or parts of the game before setting off! Disney Storytime This app is pretty self-explanatory. Continue Reading »

Entertaining 3-5 year-old kids on a short haul flight

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Parents of little ones will know that going on holiday is always preceded by one large obstacle: THE FLIGHT There’s nothing quite as challenging as having several little cherubs locked in a plane for a few hours on your way to Greece or Spain. It tends to be at the moment the plane is taxiing Continue Reading »