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JetParks Car Park 3

Provide cheap & secure Manchester Airport Parking

  • 5 mins to terminal - keep your keys
  • Free transfers all terminals 24 hrs
  • Patrolled, fenced, security lighting
  • JetParks Car Park 3 has been rated
    by 408 previous customers.


JetParks Car Park 3 Parkmark Secure

Distance from Manchester Airport - Journey Time

5 minutes

What is the airport transfer frequency?

Transfers run 24 hours a day to all three terminals, every 15 minutes

Airport transfer charge

Free of charge

What is the drop-off procedure?

Upon entry and exit of the car park, please do not press the button for a ticket from the barrier. Press the help buzzer and quote your name / reference number to the person who answers.

What is the pick-up procedure?

Same as Arrival Procedure

What security measures does the car park have?

Patrolled by Manchester Airport staff - Park Mark accredited Awarded: Park Mark, Safer Parking Award

What else do I need to know?

There are disabled bays available in every car park and the transfer buses are wheelchair-friendly. Park your own car and keep the keys.


Manchester Airport
Styal Road
M22 5YA


The booking system is good, however, I was dissappointed with Jet parks 3. The new layout at the airport, the size of the car park and the bus route now makes for a significant trandfer time and doesn't offer particularly good value for money. There was also a problem with the automatic doors on the bus which delayed us and a change of driver. The park park surface was uneven and heavily pot-holed. However, I realise this is not the case for others as the car park seemed nearly full.
Christopher Yarwood - 24 Feb 2015 07:15:32
Full and easy to follow instructions on how to get there and how to enter and exit car park. Only negative point was that shale floor made it hard to pull cases (and we had a lot with party of 7, plus ski equipment). Otherwise, a very good service which we would recommend and use again. Thank you.
Peter Jones - 23 Feb 2015 14:17:30
Car parking was fine and at a good rate. Close to airport.
David Spencer - 18 Feb 2015 19:02:13
Good directions,easy access and did not have to wait long for the bus in both directions.
Denise Moss - 09 Feb 2015 21:41:50
great service, always realiable.
phillip barraclough - 08 Feb 2015 09:18:56
Excellent place to leave your vehicle, very convenient and bus transfers very frequent and reliable. Have used this car park numerous times and will continue to do so.
Mr S Moore - 28 Jan 2015 11:02:12
Good efficient service and very secure. Transfer is by bus, but very regular and close by the airport and waiting time is minimal. When I returned to my car I was dismayed to find a plastic sheet over the driver's window and assumed that someone had broken in. This turned out to be completely wrong. I had stupidly left my window wound all the way down when I left the car for a week away. Someone at Jetparks had noticed this and taken the trouble to cover the open window with some sticky plastic to keep the weather out whilst we were away. What a wonderful example of 'going the extra mile' and a real credit to their level of customer service. I can't recommend them enough. Well done Jetparks!
Glyn B - 25 Jan 2015 13:53:49
first class used many times
C Smith - 25 Jan 2015 11:54:22
it would be better if you had a designated bus stop at terminal 2. Yesterday we queued to wait for the bus and were second in line. The bus arrived and stopped at the back of the queue so it was chaos as everyone tried to board at the same time. People should be advised on their confirmation that cases should be put on the racks and not in the aisle. It was chaos. This was around 0945. Two buses came for Jetparks 1 and 2, only the 1 for Jetparks 3.
Joan Byrne - 17 Jan 2015 10:17:33
Good value
lesm - 06 Jan 2015 18:13:14

Map and Directions


Manchester Airport
Styal Road
M22 5YA

Directions for JetParks Car Park 3

1. Exit M56 at Junction 5.
2. At the traffic lights, follow signs for Cheadle, leaving the Hilton Hotel on your right.
3. Continue along West Ringway Road to the traffic lights at the petrol station and turn right.
4. Follow Styal Road for a short distance looking out for Manchester Airport's JetParks 3 on your right.

The postcode for JetParks 3 is: M22 5YA

JetParks 3 is immediately adjacent to the Shuttle Park and will be signposted with the JetParks / Captain Parks logos.

On Arrival
You should bring a copy of your booking confirmation with you to the car park.
The car park has automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), so you give us your car registration number when you book.
Drive up to the barrier, which will recognise your number plate and rise automatically. An orange token will automatically be issued. Take the token and park in any space.

If a token does not appear in the slot, scan the QR code on your confirmation, wait for a beep and a token should appear. If there is still no token, press the intercom for assistance and quote your reference number.

Do not press the green flashing button as this is for customers who've not booked.

On your return from holiday
Just drive to the exit barrier. If it doesn't lift automatically, scan the barcode on your booking confirmation or press the help button.

Bus transfers from the Car Park to the terminal buildings: Make your way to the nearest bus stop which should be clearly visible from most areas of the car park. All busses stop at all three terminals. Transfers run 24 hours a day, every 15 minutes.

Follow exit signs and make your way out of the arrivals lounge. Follow signs for Manchester Airport Car Parks bus stops. Please use bus number 3.

Height restriction of 2.2 metres (7ft 2in). Trailers are not permitted in any of our parking facilities.

A new bridge is being installed between junction 6 at Hale and junction 5 at Manchester Airport with the motorway totally closed in both directions between these junctions between 10pm on Friday 27 February and 5am on Monday 2 March.

Unless they are travelling to Manchester Airport drivers are being urged to totally avoid the eastbound M56 beyond junction 9 at Lymm Interchange with the M6 and the westbound M56 away from Manchester during the weekend.

For drivers without legitimate airport journeys good and clearly-signed alternative motorway routes will be available. Anyone wanting to use the eastbound M56 towards Manchester should use the M6, M62 and M60 instead. Drivers wanting to use the westbound M56 out of Manchester – for example towards North Wales or the M6 to Birmingham or north – should use the M60, M62 and M6 diversion instead.

All drivers – but especially those heading to Manchester Airport for flights - are urged to leave extra time for journeys and check motorway conditions before setting out.

Highways Agency project manager Mark Mosley said,

It is vitally important drivers heed our advice and avoid using the eastbound M56 beyond junction 9 at Lymm or the westbound M56 away from Manchester unless they are going to Manchester Airport. If you are not going to the airport you will find it easier and quicker to use the official M6, M62, M60 diversion routes.

Anyone ignoring this advice will find themselves stuck in airport traffic with limited opportunities to turn back and take the proper diversion route.

Specific advice for drivers heading to Manchester airport from different areas includes:

· West Midlands drivers heading to Manchester Airport to use the normal route – exiting the M6 at junction 19 and joining the eastbound M56 via the A556. A short diversion to the airport will be in place from junction 6 of the M56. All other drivers – for example those heading into Manchester itself or beyond - must stay on the M6 and use the official M62 and M6 diversion route instead

· North Wales, Cheshire and Merseyside drivers heading to Manchester Airport to join or stay on the eastbound M56 as normal and use the short diversion route from junction 6. All other drivers – for example those heading into Manchester itself or beyond - must stay on the M6 and use the official M62 and M60 diversion route instead

· drivers heading to the airport from parts of Cheshire East and Greater Manchester will be able to use the westbound M56 and junction 5 exit for the airport as normal. All other traffic – for example drivers heading out of Manchester towards North Wales or to the M6 for Birmingham or the north - will need to use the M60, M62 and M6 diversion route. There will be no westbound access to the M56 beyond Manchester Airport

· anyone crossing the Pennines from West Yorkshire will still be able to take the usual M60 and M56 route to Manchester Airport – leaving the westbound M56 at junction 5. Again, there will be no westbound access to the M56 beyond Manchester Airport and drivers heading towards North Wales or the M6 for Birmingham will need to use the M60, M62 and M6 diversion route

· anyone from the North East heading south along the M6 – for example via the A66 at Penrith - and planning to reach the airport from the eastbound M56 towards Manchester can do so as normal but will need to use the short diversion to the airport in place from junction 6 at Hale. There will be no access into Manchester itself for drivers from the North East using the eastbound M56. Drivers from the North East heading to Manchester itself will need to use the M6, M62 and M60 diversion route. Drivers from the North East heading south along the M6 in Lancashire can alternatively use the M61 south of Preston and join the M60 route onto the westbound M56 to the airport

· drivers from Cumbria or Lancashire are advised to use the westbound M56 route to Manchester Airport – using the M60 from the M61 or M66 – rather than the eastbound M56 from Lymm Interchange

More information – including maps of the diversion route and advice for local traffic - is available on

All drivers are urged to check travel conditions before setting out on journeys.

Enter your postcode below to look up directions on Google Maps

Please note these directions should only be used as a guide.

Please note the location shown is the car drop-off point

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Hi, is there allowance for if your flight is delayed coming back? If your flight is delayed by only a few hours the car park will not charge you any extra. If the parking goes into an additional day then you will be charged when you exit the car park
could you please send me the right post code for jet parks 3 parking as M22 5YA is not the correct Postcode Thanks That is the correct postcode. Please follow the directions on your confirmation voucher