Cairns Airport Parking

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Cairns Airport Parking

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Cairns Airport information

Cairns is a city in Far North Queensland, known as being the go-to place for access to the Great Barrier Reef. Its airport operates both international and domestic flights to numerous Australian and Asian destinations. Cairns Airport's history dates back to the 1930s when the first international flight took off from Cairns to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea in 1975. Cairns Airport has since earned the reputation of being one of the busiest airports in Australia – currently at number 7 in the rankings. From this airport, you can expect to fly to every major Australian city, as well as several international destinations such as New Zealand, Japan and Indonesia. 

How to get to Cairns Airport

Cairns Airport is very accessible via several public transport options, and by car. Cairns City is a mere 10-minute drive to the airport via the main National Route 1. If driving from nearby suburbs such as Palm Cove, Biboohra, Clifton Beach and Edmonton, you’ll want to stick to the National Route 1, State Route 44, or A1/Bruce Highway respectively. If travelling by car, and you’re wondering what the official address of the airport is to add to your sat-nav or maps, it is Airport Ave, Cairns City QLD 4870. You can then follow the designated route to the airport. 

Car Parking Options at Cairns

Cairns Airport has a variety of car parking options to suit your needs, whether staying long-term or short-term or wanting valet/meet & greet parking. See below the different Cairns Parking options.

On-airport parking at Cairns

Cairns Airport has several on-airport parking that act as the official airport parking. This parking is close to the terminals and incredibly convenient. 

Long-stay parking

The main car parking options ideal for long-term parking include the T1 Budget, T2 Uncovered or Covered car parks. Covered parking is a great option to ensure your vehicle is as protected as possible from weather conditions. 

Short-stay parking

The T1 Budget and T2 Covered/Uncovered are also available for short-stay parking. Situated a short distance from the terminals, they are perfect for passenger pick-ups and drop-offs. For the chance to receive discounts on parking, book online in advance. For drive-up rates, check the Cairns Airport website.

Off-airport parking at Cairns Airport

There are off-airport parking options available, for those who want a slightly cheaper option. These car parks usually offer shuttle bus services to the airport but may incur an additional fee depending on the car park you choose. 

Meet & Greet/Valet Parking

There is valet parking available, which means dropping off your vehicle and a trusted member of staff parks it for you. This takes the pressure off finding a parking space on-airport and can be a more convenient option for those who have a lot of luggage or perhaps mobility issues. There are usually shuttle services available to transport you to the airport once your vehicle is dropped off. There are main valet parking services that are not directly run by the airport but are operated by well-known and trusted parking companies close to the airport, such as Parkos and Betta Airport Parking.

Hotels with Parking at Cairns Airport

There are numerous hotels situated within proximity to Cairns Airport for your convenience. These airport hotels are the perfect option for people who want to avoid early morning traffic, or who want to relax and refresh before they fly and begin their holiday early. These include the Cairns Sheridan Hotel, Cairns Colonial Club Resort, Bohemia Resort Cairns, and many more. Some of these hotels offer a free shuttle service to the airport to make it all the easier to reach your designated terminal.

Cairns Airport Lounges

The main airport lounge, which is situated in the T2 Domestic Terminal at Cairns, is the Qantas Club Lounge. There is the Reef Lounge in the T1 International Terminal, which is currently closed. The Qantas Lounge is a lounge that can be found in airports across Australia, as Qantas is the biggest airline in the country. In this lounge, you can find numerous amenities, such as free Wi-Fi, food and beverages, alcohol, and comfortable modern seating. There are also facilities ideal for business travellers, such as workstations with computers. For families, there is a family zone that is great for keeping children entertained and comfortable before the flight. 


Should I book parking online?

To receive the best benefits, such as discounts or deals, it’s recommended that you book parking online and in advance. There are, however, drive-up rates available on the Cairns Airport website.

Can I be refunded if I leave the car park before my allotted time is up?

Unfortunately, if you leave the car park early or before your time slot ends, you will not be refunded. 

How long are the Cairns Airport Car Parks open?

The Cairns Airport car parks are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. 

Can I simply drive up to the car park on the day?

It’s recommended that you book your parking online to guarantee you’ll get a space. However, you can also drive up too. Find the drive-up rates on the Cairns Airport website. 

Are there airport shuttle services from off-airport car parks?

Depending on the off-airport parking you have booked, there will be an airport shuttle service available for transportation to and from the airport. Check the times and prices on the website of the car park you have chosen or ask a member of staff before you arrive.

What are the prices of the Cairns Airport hotels?

Depending on the room you have booked and the hotel you have chosen, the rates may vary. Generally, you can expect the rates to range from AU$30 to AU$130. 

How far from the airport are the hotels?

Unfortunately, there are no on-airport hotels. However, there are hotels a short distance from the airport. You can expect the journey from these hotels to be under 20 minutes, depending on the hotel you are enquiring about.

Are there lounges at Cairns Airport?

The lounges at Cairns Airport are the Qantas Club Lounge, found in the Domestic T2 terminal. There is an International T1 terminal lounge, but this is currently closed as of September 2023. Check back to the Cairns Airport website or the FHR website for regular updates on the status of this lounge. 

How far from Cairns City is the Cairns Airport?

The airport is a mere 8-to-10-minute drive from the centre of Cairns city if travelling by car.

Is there public transport from Cairns City to the airport?

There is a shuttle bus from the centre of Cairns or Palm Cove that takes you straight to the airport. You can also take a taxi or rideshare to the airport for an affordable price.