Hobart Airport Parking

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Hobart Airport Parking

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Hobart Airport Information

Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania, and the main airport began operation in 1956. There are two main terminals in Hobart Airport, one for domestic and one for international travel. Both terminals are combined, as there aren’t many international flights. The main international flights that leave Hobart Airport are to New Zealand. Hobart CBD is a short 15-minute journey from the airport, meaning it is very easily accessible by car and public transport links. 

How to get to Hobart Airport

From Hobart City Centre, or CBD, the Tasman A3 Highway is the main link to the airport. From suburbs such as Bridgewater, Mangalore, and Brighton, there are main highway routes of B32 and C323. Some buses run at regular intervals from the surrounding suburbs.

Airport car parking options at Hobart

There are numerous off-airport and on-airport car-parking options at Hobart Airport, including long-stay, short-stay, and valet parking. Choose which car parking option best suits you from the options available. 

On-Airport Parking at Hobart

Whether it’s short-stay, long-stay or valet parking, there are a variety of parking options available at Hobart to suit your needs. These car parks are situated a short walk from the terminal. 

Long-Stay parking

Connected by a covered walkway to the terminal, making it easier than ever to get to your flight, the long-stay car park is a great option for people who are taking a longer holiday. Book online to save dollars on your airport parking. 

Short-stay parking

The Saver Car Park and Short-Stay car park are the best options for people who intend to simply drop off relatives or park for a few hours. A convenient walkway also connects this car park to the terminal. There are drive-up pricing options available for people who haven’t booked their parking online. 

Off-Airport parking at Hobart

You can find several off-site car parks a short journey from the airport, with free regular shuttle buses available to pick you up and take you to the terminal. These car parks are an excellent choice for people who are more conscious of parking prices.

Meet & Greet parking / Valet parking

If you don’t have time to park your car or find a space in one of the many parking bays, try the valet parking service. Simply give your keys to a trusted staff member, who will park your car for you and ensure it is in safe hands while you enjoy your holiday. 

Hotels with Parking at Hobart Airport

To make the journey to the airport terminal more convenient, and avoid the large lines of traffic in the mornings, why not stay at an airport hotel? There are several hotels located on and around the airport for your comfort and convenience. These hotels include the Travel Lodge Hotel, ibis Styles Hobart, Big4 Hobart Tourist Park, and Club Wyndham Seven Mile Beach. Each hotel is equipped with all the facilities you will need to make your pre-flight experience more comfortable.

Hobart Airport Lounges & Additional Amenities

The main lounge accessible at Hobart Airport is the Qantas Club Lounge. As Australia’s largest airline, Qantas Lounge is accessible to Qantas Airline members. The lounge features a variety of amenities. That includes food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, speedy Wi-Fi for business travellers, and a television to keep everyone entertained. Keep an eye on your flight time with the flight information monitors and keep yourself entertained and occupied with the large array of magazines and newspapers. 


How much do the Hobart Airport hotels cost?

This depends on which hotel you choose, but you can generally expect the hotel prices to range from AU$50 to AU$150. Check online to see if a discount is available for your chosen hotel.

Do I have to book parking online?

You can book online to acquire airport parking. However, you can also simply drive into the car park and pay when you arrive. Check the drive-up rates via the Hobart Airport website. 

Where can I fly to from Hobart Airport?

You can fly domestically to most of the mainland states, as well as internationally to New Zealand with Air New Zealand. 

Which terminals are international?

The international and domestic terminals are combined at Hobart Airport, making it more convenient to fly to several destinations.

How long can I stay at the short-term car park?

Generally, the short-term car parks are mainly for weekend trips or business travellers who will be away for 1-2 days. If you are away for longer than that, consider choosing the long-term car park.

How long can I stay at the long-term car park?

You can stay at the long-term car park for trips lasting 2 days or longer. The long-stay car park is an excellent cost-effective option for passengers.

Are there discounts available for parking?

To receive a discount or deal on airport parking, it’s recommended that you book in advance online. Drive-up rates are available, but it’s not expected that you will receive a discount for drive-up bookings.

How far from Hobart CBD is Hobart Airport?

It takes around 15-20 minutes to drive from the centre of Hobart to the airport. There are several transport options to take if you are unable to access the airport by car. 

How do I get from the car park to the terminal?

There are convenient covered walkways from the car park to the terminal, to make it extremely easy to get from your vehicle to your gate. Each car park is a short distance from the terminal, with shuttle buses available from car parks located further away.

How many lounges are there at Hobart airport?

There is only one lounge at Hobart Airport, which is the Qantas Club lounge. There are numerous amenities around the airport for people who may be unable to access the lounge.