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Silver Zone Car Park

Provides cheap and secure Bristol Airport Car Parking

  • 7-9 mins to airport - Free bus transfers
  • Reception check-in and key drop service - Leave your keys
  • 15 minute bus frequency
  • Cars moved to secure on-site location - CCTV, manned 24 hrs
  • Prices from just £77.99 per week
  • Silver Zone Car Park has been rated 90.4%
    by 551 previous customers.
  • 96.5% of customers would book again.


Silver Zone Car ParkPark Mark Award

Distance from Bristol Airport - Journey Time

Approx. 7-9 minutes

What is the airport transfer frequency?

bus runs approximately every 15 minutes

Airport transfer charge

inclusive in parking rate

What is the drop-off procedure?

Follow signs to the Silver Zone Drop Off Car Park. Once you have parked, make your way to Silver Zone Reception. We will require your Booking Reference, Drop off bay number and keys in order to move your car to a secure area of the car park.

What is the pick-up procedure?

Collect your keys and exit ticket from the Silver Zone Reception. At the exit, enter the plastic ticket in to the exit barrier for it to raise.

What security measures does the car park have?

Awarded the Park Mark award for safer parking, the Silver Zone car park has CCTV coverage, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), and a secure fence, monitored 24 hours a day.Awarded: Park Mark, Safer Parking Award

What else do I need to know?

The Silver Zone car park is for stays of over 3 days and offers the cheapest on-site airport parking. Simply check-in your car and keys at the Car Park Reception for a transfer to the terminal. The 24 hour courtesy bus takes 5-6 minutes and drops you right outside the Terminal door.


Bristol International Airport
BS48 3DY


not quite the same as before, when checking in, parking quickly close to the office giving our keys and having our car moved. However, it still worked well for us. The bus took a while to arrive for the return journey.

Rating 4 out of 5

Book Again: Yes Ian Michael Booth 23 Mar 2022 15:46 Verified Customer
No longer have a personal service when checking in due to changes put in place since COVID ! Now retain your own car keys rather than leaving them when you drop your car off. Frequency of shuttle bus far less with longer waiting time Car park virtually full and had to leave my car a long way from the pick up bus stop. When collecting my car in the early hours it was raining hard and I and my wife got soaked!!! Could not believe there was so many people going away this time of the year, or was the car park being used for other reasons ? If I was unable to start my car on returning, I felt that there was no one available to help, in the past there was always staff moving cars around the complex. Hope things will improve before my next booking.

Rating 3 out of 5

Book Again: Yes Mr Goodger 12 Mar 2022 15:21 Verified Customer
Easy to find and easy to park, with only a short walk to the bus stop. Using Silver Zone was easy before but probably quicker and easier now you park your own car and keep your key.

Rating 5 out of 5

Book Again: Yes S Matthews 07 Mar 2022 10:58 Verified Customer
Airport was quite when I arrived at car park. It was only after waiting for 10-15 mins did I notice the sign that said ring a number for a bus rather than running to 20 min schedule. So bus took a while to arrive. Return journey to the car park was fine.

Rating 4 out of 5

Book Again: Yes Richard 04 Mar 2022 10:32 Verified Customer
Easy to use and a short journey toAirport

Rating 5 out of 5

Book Again: Yes Stuary 24 Feb 2022 11:52 Verified Customer
Only a short bus trip to the Airport. Driver was exceptionally polite and helpful. the best value for money parking at Bristol airport

Rating 5 out of 5

Book Again: Yes BRIAN L KING 16 Feb 2022 13:42 Verified Customer
Easy to book and smooth operation.

Rating 5 out of 5

Book Again: Yes Susan tasker 28 Jan 2022 10:20 Verified Customer
Easy to find with plenty of spaces. Pre booked so no hassle. Liked the fact that we kept our keys. Airport transport very efficient and didn’t have to wait too long on our outward journey. Coming home the bus was waiting. Only criticism is that the exit was not signposted well. We ended up driving around the car park when we could have just gone straight on from our parking space (CP58). All in all an excellent service at a reasonable price.

Rating 5 out of 5

Book Again: Yes Allan Muxworthy 14 Jan 2022 12:04 Verified Customer
As usual all worked well

Rating 5 out of 5

Book Again: Yes Authorise 31 Oct 2021 17:28 Verified Customer
Changed since last time we used Silver parking and took us a while to work out what to do but everything was fine

Rating 5 out of 5

Book Again: Yes Rita 31 Oct 2021 14:16 Verified Customer
A perfect start and end to our holiday. Stress free parking ...convenient and very practical.

Rating 5 out of 5

Book Again: Yes Michael Langhorne 28 Oct 2021 10:07 Verified Customer
Good secure car park with plenty of spaces and frequent buses! Already booked though book fhr for our holiday next year!

Rating 5 out of 5

Book Again: Yes Jamie 24 Oct 2021 10:34 Verified Customer
Needs real time display board at the stops to say when the bus is due

Rating 4 out of 5

Book Again: Yes Philip O'Reilly 21 Oct 2021 11:10 Verified Customer
The car parking area is huge compared to last time I was there. Had I not taken note of the number of the bay it would have been very difficult to find with no staff available to help. Keys were not taken as before and it was straight to the bus stop or onward transport to the entrance to the airport. The driver was very helpful and cheerful on the outward journey, even at 5:00am but on the return journey at 22:00 hrs a rather grumpy driver who had not even hanged his destination to show Silverparking. The drive back to stop 1 seemed forever. He called out an inaudible destination and when I checked he shouted Rentals at me in a rather rude tone. No shelter in the rain near stop. Customer services to find.

Rating 3 out of 5

Book Again: Yes Michael Gwyther 05 Oct 2021 15:46 Verified Customer
Not advised beforehand that Silver Zone was closed although the website claimed it was open. Directed to Long Stay car park and walked to terminal rather than the bus service from Silver Zone. Not too much of a problem as no time lost waiting for the bus. Would not have been happy had it been raining.

Rating 3 out of 5

Book Again: Yes Barry Goodger 10 Oct 2020 10:45 Verified Customer
On arrival at Silverzone car parking on Sunday 20th Sept we found the car park closed due to Covid and a sign directing us to use the long stay car park. It would have been good to have been contacted prior to our arrival to let us know what was happening. No issues with using long stay but was a long way to walk with no buses operating. Good job we are not elderly.

Rating 3 out of 5

Book Again: Yes Jonathan Leeves 03 Oct 2020 20:42 Verified Customer
Good - booked into Silver zone Bristol but due to covid we were directed to the long stay which was more convenient when returning late at night.

Rating 5 out of 5

Book Again: Yes Alun Rogers 27 Sep 2020 12:20 Verified Customer
I booked the off site Silverzone car park but when I arrived there it was closed and was now being used as a Covid testing centre - I WAS NOT INFORMED OF THIS.... I was redirected to the Longstay car park at Bristol Airport. I had trouble finding a parking space then had to walk 10 mins to the terminal at which point it started to rain and there were no buses in sight - I did not pay for this service and was extremely disappointed.

Rating 2 out of 5

Book Again: No A. Jollow 15 Sep 2020 10:59 Verified Customer
Silver Carpark was closed as it is a COVID testing point which is fine if only this was clearly marked and or Information communicated at the time of booking. We were put in the long stay car park which was actually closer but only found this out after going to the silver zone first. Otherwise booking was easy, price was great just need better relaying of information to customers.

Rating 5 out of 5

Book Again: Yes Peter Collins 14 Sep 2020 21:34 Verified Customer
Excellent service. Due to the Coronavirus we had to keep changing our dates and times but the carpark always responded to our emails assuring us all would be fine which it was.

Rating 5 out of 5

Book Again: Yes Alison Cliffe 24 Mar 2020 09:32 Verified Customer
Polite, friendly staff. Quick and straightforward check in and out. Clean buildings being regularly cleaned. No long waits for shuttle buses and short journey time. Vehicle undamaged. Overall great experience.

Rating 5 out of 5

Book Again: Yes N 16 Mar 2020 12:07 Verified Customer
Great drop off and bus into terminal. Busy coming back. Could look at car keys collection, as it seem to take a long time, as each receptionist was walking backwards and forwards to the key boxes. Could you put the key box behind them in stead of up the corner?

Rating 5 out of 5

Book Again: Yes Paul Hope 15 Mar 2020 12:31 Verified Customer
Would have been 5 stars but on return was given poorly written reference to parking slot 36H instead of 36A, which meant I got very wet searching for my vehicle

Rating 4 out of 5

Book Again: Yes Nick 15 Mar 2020 12:11 Verified Customer
It is a few years since we have flown from Bristol and used Silver Zone and although good before, it is now superb! The whole process is so slick and the collection in particular so speedy that we were done before we knew it!

Rating 5 out of 5

Book Again: Yes Jane davies 14 Mar 2020 19:36 Verified Customer
simple to book, easy to find, pleasant staff, straight forward shuttle.

Rating 5 out of 5

Book Again: Yes Stephen Aplin 14 Mar 2020 13:16 Verified Customer

Map and Directions


Bristol International Airport
BS48 3DY

Directions for Silver Zone Car Park

Follow signs for Silver Zone Car Park as you approach the airport on the A38. The car park is situated South of the main Terminal, so please do not follow signs for any other car parks except Silver Zone.

Postcode: BS48 3DW
what3words location: /// appointed.piled.blows

From 1st April 2022 all Silver Zone customers will be required to hand over their keys as thier car will be moved to a secure on-site location.

Silver Zone - Arrival Procedures
Enter the auto scanner, the barriers will automatically raise once the scanner has taken images of your vehicle and your registration is recognised on the system.

Proceed to the drop off car park and park in a bay. Make a note of your bay number and make your way to Silver Zone reception, where you need to use the Self Check-in and Key Drop. As you will not have a bar code please enter your car registration and booking reference when checking in at the self-check-in kiosks.

Exit the reception area and wait for a courtesy bus to take you straight to the terminal, (buses run every 15 minutes). Journey time approximately 7-9 minutes.

On return
When you return, take the bus straight back to Silver Zone. Go to the Silver Zone Collection area. Hand over the green receipt and retrieve your keys. Follow the signs to the exit and the barrier should raise automatically.

If the barrier does not raise, please press the intercom button and the team will assist you.

Note: Any over stay fees will be taken at reception prior to keys being released. Overstay rate at Silverzone is £15 per day or part thereof (subject to change)

Accessibility - You’ll find dedicated parking spaces for blue badge holders next to the reception building. All our shuttle buses are fitted with wheelchair ramps and are certified to carry one wheelchair.

Enter your postcode below to look up directions on Google Maps

Please note these directions should only be used as a guide.

Please note the location shown is the car drop-off point

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I dont know which vehicle i will be using so can i put the registration number in at a later date or is there a cost to change the details if i enter one when booking now?We can amend the vehicle details at a later date. We do not charge an amendment fee
I notice there is a quote for 53 which is non amendable.Is this price of 59.00 amendable as I am changing my car and I'm not sure if this will happen before I travel or upon my return, therefore the registration number will be different??We are unable to change the times and dates on the non flexible option but is fine to amend the vehicle details.
our return flight is die to land at about 4.45. If we book our exit for say 6pm and the flight is late will there be an additional fee on exit? Or....should we book our exit for say 8pm to allow for some delays? We would suggest you book a slightly later time so it will