East Midlands Airport protects local residents

East Midlands Airport has spent a record amount of money soundproofing the homes of local residents, reports the Leicester Mercury.

Airport bosses handed out 189 grants for double glazing, new doors and loft insulation, coming to £750,000 in total, after people living under the flight paths complained about the noise.

Local resident John Poxon was successful in applying for a grant of £2,000 for new doors and windows and believes his standard of living has dramatically improved.

"I had put in double glazing a couple of years ago but couldn’t afford to do all the house. The money from the airport meant the other bits were done and it has been brilliant since," he told the newspaper.

The number of grants distributed has risen by 157 since the scheme was originally introduced.

A spokesperson for East Midlands Airport said: "We have increased the grant payments to between £3,000 and £10,000 and we have extended the scheme to make grants available to more people."

The grants scheme runs until 2012 when it will be reviewed by East Midlands Airport.

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