Adventure Holidays for Friends

Friends looking for an adventurous holiday, need locations that are suitable for bigger groups. Places such as Tuscany, Italy where there are plenty of larger apartments, make an ideal base for going on adventures. Cycle through the Tuscan countryside, go horseback riding or hiking through the mountains.

Slovenia is also a fantastic place for group adventure breaks, especially Lake Bled. You can swim and kayak in the lake, wander through the Pokljuka forest and go canyoning and whitewater rafting.

And on every adventure traveller’s to do list is Machu Picchu, Peru. Hike the Inca trail where you will reach altitudes of 4,200 metres, and feast your eyes upon the 550-year old citadel located in between two peaks.

Dubai is also a great location for an adventure holiday. You can venture out exploring in the daytime and then head back to your luxury hotel on the beach and relax. Try dirt bike riding, sandboarding and dune bashing in the desert.


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