How Easy is it to Get Married in Europe?

There are many things to consider from the moment you make that decision to get married. Probably the most important of these will be the ‘Location’.

An estimated one in five British couples now get married abroad, with an average cost of £6,500 versus £27,000 at home.

Clearly, the cost of getting married abroad can be a surprisingly cheap alternative to a UK wedding. However, you should bear in mind that the cost will rise considerably with travel expenses, if you are inviting guests to your wedding. Who will meet the cost of travel for guests? You will need to be clear about this from the start!

As in the UK, when you marry elsewhere, you will need to provide: Passports and Birth Certificates. If previously married, you need to produce the relevant Divorce papers or, if widowed, the Death Certificate.

Here are some of our top picks of European destinations for your dream wedding.


If you want a quick wedding, then this is the place to come.

  • There are no residency restrictions
  • You can marry within 48 hours
  • Your marriage can be conducted in English as Gibraltar has British customs & laws
  • The maximum number of guests allowed at the ceremony is 20
  • Cost of the ceremony is only £210


This may not be your first idea, but Denmark is known as the Las Vegas of Europe due to its easy legalities. Beautiful in summer or winter, depending on your dream.

  • Costs £450 in the Town Hall (including essential wedding service and consultant)
  • For £700, you will get: all paperwork; witnesses; previous day/wedding day planning; transfer to the church; full ceremony; and, cake and sparkling wine


Great weather all year-round in Cyprus, makes this a good choice for your big day.

  • You need only arrive in the country 3 days before the wedding, so long as all the legalities have been adhered to
  • There are plenty of resorts offering a wide range of packages to suit all budgets
  • Cost of ceremony is £260


A beautiful location to get married, Croatia is the land of a thousand islands, where you are never far from the sea.

  • There are no minimum residency requirements
  • The only legally binding ceremony is a civil one. You may have a religious ceremony but not on the same day
  • Cost of the ceremony is £500. This includes a translator which is required by law for all foreign citizens


Austria is stunning in summer, and a winter wonderland when the snow falls. You can get a wedding package in a 4* hotel, including a carriage ride to the registry office; a welcome cocktail and wedding feast; spa treatments; and, many other nuptial services, for around £1,500.

  • No minimum residency period
  • Civil ceremony is the only legally binding type
  • Ceremony conducted in German, so you may want a translator
  • Cost: £160

All costs stated here, are basic. If you wish to be married within a minimum stay, have been previously married, or would like a religious ceremony, there will be surcharges.

Wherever you choose to tie the knot, have a wonderful Wedding Day!

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