British Airways Baggage Allowance

Hand Luggage

All flights with British Airways include a free hand luggage allowance. The allowance will depend on which airline is operating your flight.

Handbags and laptop sized bags are guaranteed to be allowed in the cabin. An additional cabin bag may need to be put into the hold on busy flights.

The handbag/laptop bag can measure up to 40cm x 30cm x 15cm and weigh up to a maximum of 23kg.

An additional cabin bag with dimensions up to 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, maximum weight 23kg, is allowed. Duty Free purchases count towards your hand luggage allowance, so must fit within both these bags.

If you are taking a flight to or from Brazil, your laptop bag/handbag can be slightly larger, at 45cm x 36cm x 20cm and weigh up to a maximum of 23kg. The additional cabin bag dimensions are as above.

Checked Baggage

The with-baggage fares include at least one bag per person up to 23kg and up to 90cm x 75cm x 43cm (including handles and wheels). Be aware that the weight limits differ depending on the journey.

We advise you always check the airline’s website for the most up-to-date information: British Airways website.

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