6 Great Things To Do On Your Holiday To Mauritius

You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first and then heaven was copied after Mauritius ~ Mark Twain

Not a bad way to start an article about one of the most exotic islands in the world. The beautiful Mauritius is a sub-tropical island located in the Indian Ocean off the African coast, and 600 miles from Madagascar. You can fly direct from the UK in around 12 hours. With a perpetually hot climate and 160 kms of powdery white beeches, many flock here year after year, its hospitality and superb cuisine unbeatable anywhere else in the world.

This year marks 50 Years of Independence for this remarkable island, and the one thing that resonates with you when you land is the friendly multicultural society that exists here. Mauritius is the gathering together of different cultures, races and religions, and it works so well. As a tourist you feel pretty safe. Of course there is petty crime as with everywhere, so you obviously need to stay vigilant, but violent crime is rare. Travelling around you do not feel intimidated or wary. This makes Mauritius stand out in the crowd!

Unlike most tropical islands offering postcard perfect scenery, Mauritius also provides many attractions, chief among them being the most luxurious hotels in world. If you can tear yourself away from the natural beauty spots or the splendid hotels, there’s more than meets the eye to Mauritius. Listed below are 6 of the most popular attractions Mauritius has to offer the holidaymaker and intrepid traveller.

La Vanille Crocodile Park

It’s not every day you get to see one of the most dangerous predators in the animal kingdom. The crocodile steals the lime light here, but there’s a whole host of other animals too, including giant bats, turtles, monkeys and a massive insect house. Take a stroll through a jungle, where you can observe the greenery, learning about endangered species as you go. Not everyone’s cup of tea, and a little bizarre considering the location, but there’s the opportunity to taste crocodile curry in their excellent restaurant.

Photo by Brigadier Chastity Crispbread

Chamarel Waterfall

This natural beauty spot boasts the highest waterfall in Mauritius. The water falls a massive 100 metres before hitting the bottom, creating a beautiful mist – a definite photo opportunity. If you want an alternate view and aren’t scared of heights, you can climb steps up to a platform at the top and look down as waterfall crashes into the pool below. This trip also features a visit to Seven Coloured Earth, a series of stunning multi-coloured sand dunes. Volcanic rocks created these unusual dunes, and after they cooled at different temperatures, they formed red, brown and purple sands.

Photo by jvhemert

Ile Aux Cerfs

Situated off the East Coast of Mauritius, Ile Aux Cerfs is a small island boasting brilliant white beaches, palm trees and crystal blue waters. Here you can enjoy total relaxation, eat at a wonderfully prepared BBQ and even view the island from a bird’s eye view whilst parasailing. The island also has restaurants serving incredible food and great cocktails. The same company that deals with the hotels on Mauritius runs this stunning island so expect only the best. The famous championship Bernard Langer golf course is situated here, and guests can take advantage of exclusive play.

Photo by clry2

Grand Bassin

Take in some of Mauritius’ culture and visit the Grand Bassin Lake. Situated 1800-feet up in the mountains, Grand Bassin is the most sacred Hindu location on the entire island, a religious temple devoted to Lord Shiva (the destroyer of the ego and ultimately of the universe). The people indigenous to Mauritius believe the lake contains holy waters from the River Ganges in India, and they travel on foot to make pilgrimages there, also visiting the 108-foot statue of Shiva that was erected in 2007.

Photo by Adamina

C Beach Club

Nightlife is an important aspect of a great holiday and Mauritius has its fair share of bars and clubs. The Beach Club was Mauritius’ first club and attracts an eclectic mix of visitors, from locals to tourists to the International DJs that rock the place every Friday and Saturday night. Sundays from October through to June features brunch, a superb menu to kick start your day. Children are taken care of during their Happy Hour at Chill lounge bar, which is situated near a gorgeous cove. At night, C Beach Club transforms into a club, staying open until 4am. The club was also built considering the surrounding villages, ensuring its location couldn’t inhibit the party atmosphere.

Cave Diving

Situated at the South West of Mauritius in an underwater cave near the village of Tamarin, is a world like no other. This diving site is famous for its rock formations, holes and arches. This diving package takes you from an underwater cliff 27 metres down, where you’ll meet an abundance of sea life. The caves provide shelter from predators for fish, eels, and lobsters. Even the tiny cracks and crevices are packed with life, from sponges to small shrimp and many species of reef. The cave’s ceiling is cracked and filters in light, illuminating the inside with an eerie blue glow. The upper chambers are home to crayfish, and a giant moray eel lives behind one of these chamber overhangs – not for the faint-hearted.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to entertainment on this natural wonder of an island. If sheer beauty, relaxation and lively entertainment are your idea of a great holiday, Mauritius is the perfect destination for you.

Original guest post by Jay Price

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