Where Can You Find the Cheapest Pint of Beer in Europe?

Well it may not be the number one priority when deciding where your next trip will take you, but we all think about costs when deciding which destination will suit us best. The price of food and drink probably rate quite highly on most people’s minds, as this is where the majority of our holiday cash is spent.

With Brexit around the corner, we as Brits are of course uncertain as to how our visits to Europe will be affected in the future. We are suffering at present due to the low value of the pound against the euro, but whatever happens we will still be looking for the best deal.

You may be planning a stag do, hen do or just a weekend away with your mates.  In this case the price of a beer will likely figure high on your wish list.  It could very probably be a question of:  in which country can we get the cheapest pint, after considering the airfare and hotel costs, of course.

The cheapest and average cost of a pint (or half litre) in British £


  • Cheapest: 0.67
  • Average:   0.98


  • Cheapest: 0.80
  • Average:   1.30


  • Cheapest: 0.85
  • Average:   1.20


  • Cheapest: 0.90
  • Average:   1.08


  • Cheapest: 0.92
  • Average:   1.50


  • Cheapest: 1.00
  • Average:   1.14


  • Cheapest: 1.00
  • Average:   1.40


  • Cheapest: 1.20
  • Average:   2.42


  • Cheapest: 1.24
  • Average    1.80


  • Cheapest: 1.25
  • Average:   2.00


  • Cheapest: 1.45
  • Average:   1.60


  • Cheapest: 1.75
  • Average:   2.94


  • Cheapest: 1.81
  • Average:   2.49


  • Cheapest: 2.00
  • Average:   2.50


  • Cheapest: 4.00
  • Average:   5.20

There is a considerable difference in prices! Of course, these are just an average and will differ from location to location. It may be a case of doing a quick recce when you arrive and spending the majority of your time at the cheapest bar.

Happy Hours should also be considered, in which case it may be necessary to move around a bit.
If you manage to find a pint at a lower rate than in the table above, please let us know… for research purposes only!

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