Planning a Trip of a Lifetime

For some this will be just that: a one-off. For others there may be many such trips, but whichever it is, the success will all be in the planning! You may choose to do all your own research or maybe get an expert to do all the groundwork for you. But where do you start? How many times have you lost yourself in a dream destination? Somewhere you came across just watching TV; a documentary; a holiday programme; or just an inspiration of a place that suddenly struck a chord.

Where do you want to go for your trip of a lifetime?

This is the first big decision. You may have several ideas chasing around your head, or you may be certain of a destination that you have wanted to visit for as long as you can remember. We travel the world on all types of holidays, but maybe the one place you have always wanted to visit remains elusive just because you want to get it right and need the time and money to do so. If that time is right, go ahead and do the research, which can take many months or even years, but is exciting in itself!

The best time of year to go on your dream holiday

You don’t want to take a safari when the animals are least likely to appear! It wouldn’t be a great idea to visit The States in hurricane season or climb a mountain in the most challenging weather. If sailing on the seas is your thing, you will want calm waters and stunning sunsets. If your dates are not set in stone, do your homework first. Make sure the places you are visiting are open for business on your chosen dates. It is all about the seasons! Atlas & Boots Travel Blog gives great examples of what you need to look for.

Do your holiday research

Once the destination is sorted out, the next big decision is how? Research is key, so take advantage of all that is out there and check out the best travel scenario for you.



  • What is your holiday budget?
  • Speak to a Travel Agent for some expert advice on how to make the most of your trip
  • Do you want a back-packing adventure or are you a ‘set of luggage’ type of traveller maximising your weight allowance? Is your preferred sleeping choice a tent or a 5-star hotel?
  • Research online using a comparison site to check flights, accommodation etc. It is surprising how prices vary; there is a lot of competition at our fingertips
  • An around the world airline ticket can be a good deal if you are planning several destinations
  • Check out visa requirements as some may take several weeks to obtain
  • Know which vaccinations are needed and check your medical records
  • Decide how you will get around in your country of choice. If you are not on an organised trip you will need to use public transport or even hire a car. Do some research if car hire is on the cards, as driving in certain countries of the world can be a daunting experience

Once in a lifetime travel inspiration

Finally, get this fantastic trip off to a great start by booking your Airport Parking well in advance and bag another great deal! Treat yourself to an Airport Hotel and an Airport Lounge before your flight and take time to relax.

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