Airport Parking Costs This Summer

The Cheapest and Most Expensive Airport Parking in the UK

We explore the UK's cheapest and most expensive parking choices, revealing the secrets to finding the perfect balance between cost and convenience.

Ah, summer - the season of holidays and adventures. As the temperature rises, so does the demand for airport parking. We compared airport parking prices during the busiest summer period between 24/07 - 31/07. 

Airport Parking Costs This Summer

Finding affordable airport parking can be like finding a treasure chest on a crowded beach. But fear not! We've crunched the numbers for you and can now unveil the UK's cheapest and most expensive airport parking. Get ready to make savvy choices and keep your wallet happy while you embark on your summer getaway.

We researched the Cheapest and Most Expensive Airport Parking Prices, and here's what we found:

Meet and Greet

When it comes to meet-and-greet airport parking services, it should come as no surprise that the most expensive prices are at some of the country's busiest airports. You'll have to fork out an eye-watering £213.20 at Heathrow, £207.23 at London City, £149.99 at Birmingham, £149.00 at Gatwick, and £133.40 at Stansted. However, you can book some of the cheapest meet-and-greet airport parking services on the FHR website.

Long Stay

For long-term airport parking, Edinburgh Airport emerges as the champion of affordability at just £45.99, while London City takes the crown for the highest price at £179.38. However, when booking through FHR, the cheapest long-stay airport parking is at Durham Tees Valley, where it costs £40 for parking from 24/07 - 31/07. 

Short Stay

As for short-stay airport parking? Bristol Airport claims the title for the most expensive option at a staggering £212.99. In contrast, Birmingham Airport offers a more budget-friendly option at £131.99. Gatwick Airport follows closely with short-stay parking priced at £125.99, while Heathrow Airport rounds out the list at £120.00. However, savvy travellers know to book airport parking with FHR, where short-stay parking rates start from £69.99.

Off-Site Airport Parking

Luton Airport is the most wallet-friendly choice for travellers seeking off-site airport parking options, with prices starting at £89.99. Birmingham Airport follows suit, offering off-site parking at £109.99. Moving up the price ladder, Heathrow Airport comes in at £122.95, while Gatwick Airport claims the title for the most expensive off-site parking option, priced at £124.92. However, comparing these rates to those found on FHR, the list looks somewhat different. Edinburgh Airport offers the most affordable option, starting at just £40.99. Liverpool Airport follows suit, providing off-site parking at £55.99. Stansted Airport and Leeds/Bradford Airport are next, priced at £56.00 and £58.99, respectively. Moving up the pricing scale, Glasgow Airport offers off-site parking at £62.99, while Manchester Airport and Cardiff Airport share a similar price range at £69.95 and £69.99, respectively.

Off-Site Airport Parking with EV charging

Do you need to top up your car's battery while you top up your tan? On FHR, we have found the cheapest and most expensive off-site airport parking with electric car charging. Parking and charging your EV costs £109.99 at Edinburgh, £139.94 at Manchester, £164.91 at Gatwick, and £180.00 at Heathrow. 

Airport Parking Costs This Summer
With countless airport parking options, FHR makes finding the perfect balance between affordability and convenience easy. But if you are looking to save even more money, here are some of our affordable summer airport parking hacks:

Off-Site Parking: Opting for parking facilities located just outside the airport can lead to significant savings. Many independent companies offer secure parking options with shuttle services to whisk you to the terminal, ensuring you save those hard-earned pounds without compromising convenience.

Pre-Booking Perks: Don't wait until the last minute to secure your parking spot. Booking in advance allows you to take advantage of early bird discounts, ensuring you save money while others scramble for availability.

Long-Term Lots: If you're jetting off on an extended trip, long-term parking lots can be a lifesaver. Airports usually offer discounted rates for more extended stays, allowing you to soak up the sun without worrying about expensive parking fees.

Short Stays, High Costs: If you need to park for a short period, such as a few hours, airports offer short-stay parking options. While convenient for quick trips, the costs can quickly add up, making this choice one of the most expensive ways to park your vehicle.

Meet and Greet: Opt for meet and greet parking for the VIP treatment. A dedicated chauffeur will meet you at the terminal, whisk away your vehicle, and have it ready upon your return. It's a premium service with a higher price tag, but the seamless experience might be worth it to get your holiday off to a flying start.

As you can see, airport parking can be a financial rollercoaster. However, whether you're an avid budget traveller or a luxury-seeking jet-setter, understanding the range of options available will help you make an informed decision for your next getaway. So, buckle up, keep your budget in check, and enjoy your flight with peace of mind about your parking choice. Bon voyage!

Prices were collected from the FHR website and airport websites on 26/04/2023.