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Airport Hotels

For those of you that are regular travellers you may have already experienced the pleasure of staying at or near to your departure airport. This not only extends your break, but can also remove the stress of travelling to the airport. If you've never stayed at the airport before, you don't know what you're missing! There are a number of advantages of being close to the airport. Some of the reasons why you might stay at the airport are:

  • Avoid delays - Don't miss your flight due to weather, delayed trains or traffic jams (however you may over sleep in a comfortable hotel bed!)
  • Relax - Arrive at the airport with a calm, refreshed travelling party
  • Extra sleep - Get an extra hour in bed for those 'red-eyed' flights
  • Extend your holiday - for another night, lots of airport hotels have great facilities including spas, gyms, restaurants and bars
  • Early check in - Some airlines will let you check in the night before you fly, which means more time in bed or in the airport lounge relaxing!
  • Enjoy travelling - If you find the travelling element of your holiday a necessary chore which you can't wait to be over, staying in a nice airport hotel, followed by relaxing in a private lounge airside, will change your travelling experience for the better!

FHR has a wide range of airport hotels to suit different budgets and requirements. From hotels that are great for those travelling for business; to family hotels; to those that are just perfect for a romantic night. FHR has a hotel of the month on the travel blog. This gives great insight into what an airport hotel has to offer, including some of their quirky features.

Stay the night before you fly

Stay at a hotel either on airport or close to the airport the night before you travel to avoid travel delays, get extra rest and arrive at the terminal stress-free. If the hotel is on-airport, it will be a short walk to the terminal. For hotels close to the airport, there will be a short transfer which is usually arranged by the hotel. If you are travelling to the airport by car, then most airport hotels will have rates which include holiday parking. These prices often work out to be just a few pounds more, and sometimes less than the cost of parking on its own. Look at the airport hotel deals with parking page for more details.

Stay the night you return

Booking an airport hotel when you return from your holiday is just as easy; simply click the 'park first, stay on your return' option when getting your quote. You will then be prompted for the date you wish to park from and the night you will be staying. Don't forget, if you have a late flight and are arriving at the hotel after midnight, you need to book the night before. For example, if you are due to land at 1.00am on Sunday morning you will need to book your room for the Saturday night.

Why Book Your Airport Hotel with FHR?

Our team has over 30 years' experience providing excellent customer service and delivering the best deals for airport hotel stays. Don't just listen to us, look at our TRUSTPILOT reviews. FHR's range of airport hotels include top brands such as Hilton, Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and Marriott - all regularly reviewed by our customers and the team at FHR.

Our Airport Hotel Locations

Now you have booked your holiday, we recommend you check with your airline to see what terminal you are flying from and whether you can check-in/drop bags off the night before. Once you know those details you can select the airport from the list on the right, or use the search box at the top of this page.

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