Muenster/Osnabrueck Airport Lounge Prices

Muenster/Osnabrueck Airport Lounges

Prices from £25.00 per person

Chill Out Before You Fly

Relax before your flight in a lounge at Muenster/Osnabrueck Airport. Escape the busy airport terminal and enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks whilst you catch up on work, read or simply sit back and soak up the chilled out atmosphere.

  • Escape the hustle and bustle
  • Relax in comfortable and quiet surroundings
  • Enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks

Looking for Muenster/Osnabrueck Airport Lounges? FHR offer a range of Executive Airport Lounges at Muenster/Osnabrueck and many other airports across the World. Booking a pass for a Muenster/Osnabrueck Airport Lounge with allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy airport terminal and wait for your flight in a relaxing environment.

Once inside your chosen Muenster/Osnabrueck Airport Lounge you?ll be entitled to complimentary snacks such as biscuits and nuts as well as hot beverages, soft drinks and a selection of alcoholic beverages.*

It?s simple and easy to book a Muenster/Osnabrueck Airport Lounge. Use the search form above to see a list of available lounges and enter our secure online booking system. Book Now!