Suspect package forces Heathrow evacuation

Suspect package forces Heathrow evacuationFlyers that were set to leave the UK from Heathrow Airport‘s Terminal Four were forced to evacuate the building yesterday (July 3rd), after a suspect package was discovered at the site.

Police acted after a bag was discovered shortly before 12:00 BST and thousands of travellers faced delays.

The terminal is now open again, although around 55 flights had to be cancelled due to the scare.

Heathrow Airport operator BAA, which also runs Gatwick Airport and Stansted Airport in the capital, decided to perform secondary searches as an extra precaution on all departing passengers at the aircraft gate.

"In order to facilitate the secondary search process, a decision was made by the police to partially evacuate the departure lounge and re-screen the passengers," the spokesperson said.

"Contingency plans have now been activated to ensure that we are able to effectively manage the increase in resource that this secondary search requires."

BAA also owns and operates Glasgow Airport, which was targeted by car bombers on Saturday.

Reports revealed that the eight people arrested in connection with the failed car bombings in Glasgow and London all have links to the National Health Service.

Any travellers flying out from Heathrow Airport in the coming days who are worried out traffic problems or delays may wish to consider booking airport hotels.

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