Japanese IQ Test

japanese IQ TestThis is a new take on the familiar puzzle of crossing the river with a chicken, a fox and a bag of grain – but harder!

The test comes from Japan where it is used as an IQ test for jobs and university entrance, mainly related to IT. It should take you less than 15 minutes to complete:

The rules are as follows:

1, Only two people can travel at once

2, Dad can not stay with the girls without the presence of the mother

3, Mum can’t stay with the boys without the presence of the father

4, The arrested red-hair girl in stripy outfit cannot stay with any of the family members

5, Only the Police officer and the parents can drive the boat across the river

Click on the people you want to transport
To use the boat click on the red dots next to the boat

Click here to start – You just need to click the blue circle on the bottom right. Good Luck!

12 thoughts on “Japanese IQ Test

  1. andyandy

    Hi Paul, it does take a bit off thinking about, drove me mad at first. Keep trying though your work it out. To give you a start the first 4 moves are.

    Policeman and thief cross
    Policemen returns
    Policemen and son cross
    Policemen and thief return

  2. AvatarMr T

    I did this on my first go in roughly 35 minutes. I then went home to show some mates and could not work it out.
    I spent over an hour before getting bored and giving up.

    Then back at work I did it fine. The trick to remember is sometimes you have to perform what seems a waste of time move but what you are actually doing is ensuring the boat is on the correct side of the river.

    IE move father back to shore, send mother and father across river then send back mother. This just ensures that mother has the boat on her side without the hassle of father being there.

    I enjoyed this and would like many more like it please.

    HAPPY NEW(D) YEAR!!!!!!

    MrT 13oo13oo

  3. AvatarDarshak

    Here you go…

    1. >Police and red – hair
    2. police & Daughter
    4. mom & daughter
    6. mom & dad
    8. Police and red-hair
    10. mom& dad
    12. dad & son
    14. police and son
    16. police and red -hair

  4. AvatarDarshak

    1. Police and red – hair
    2. Police
    3. police & Daughter
    4. police and red- hair
    5. mom & daughter
    6. mom
    7. mom & dad
    8. Dad
    9. Police and red-hair
    10. mom
    11. mom& dad
    12. dad
    13. dad & son
    14. police and red-hair
    15. police and son
    16. police
    17. police and red -hair

  5. AvatarRiyaz M

    Good one…. need to focus and do not give up… you will get it as how i got everyone the other side of the river.


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