Book launched to accompany Flying Without Fear course

Book launched to accompany Flying Without Fear courseA book has been released to accompany Virgin Atlantic’s popular Flying Without Fear course, which has been running at airports across the UK for the past ten years.

The book contains answers to 101 questions about flying, which have been put forward on the Flying Without Fear website and raised by people participating in the course.

It will also provide information from a cabin crew safety trainer, as well as tips from aviation experts and methods to help people overcome their fear of flying.

Virgin Atlantic president Sir Richard Branson said: "It is great news that we can offer members of the public the benefits of advice from a wonderful team of experts who run the hugely successful Flying Without Fear course, with a book on how to cope with their fear.

"More people than ever can now reap the rewards that the course and book offers those who have a fear of flying."

People all around the UK can take part in the one-day courses, which offer an optional 45-minute flight at the end of the session, at airports including Heathrow, Birmingham, Newcastle, Leeds/Bradford and Edinburgh.

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