Heathrow launches new safety system

Heathrow launches new safety systemA new safety system has been launched at Heathrow Airport that is reportedly the first of its kind in Europe.

The radar technology that has recently been installed on the southern runway is set to improve safety by continuously sweeping the landing strip for foreign objects and debris (FOD).

Two radars are used in the Tarsier system, which is provided by QinetiQ, which scan the 3,658-metre track 24 hours a day.

The contract between Heathrow and QinetiQ also includes the use of cameras that allow the remote visual confirmation of debris, which could potentially be drawn into engines.

Colin Wood, airside operations director at the airport, said that safety is the gateway’s "top priority".

He added: "Tarsier is a proven technological solution to the problem of FOD and will assist our operations team in carrying out regular visual runway inspections by acting as an additional pair of eyes.

"Tarsier also has the additional benefit of enabling Heathrow to deliver an improved service to the 68 million passengers who use the airport each year, by minimising delays caused by FOD."

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