Heathrow delays blamed on Bush visit

Heathrow delays blamed on Bush visitThe cancellation of more than 60 flights and disruption to the travel plans of thousands of passengers at Heathrow Airport recently has been blamed on a visit by US president George Bush.

President Bush flew into Heathrow on June 15th, bringing with him two Boeing 747 jets and four helicopters.

This caused runways to be closed and planes grounded, necessitating the cancellation of dozens of flights, most of which were set to be operated by British Airways.

Willie Walsh, chief executive of the airline, said: "The decision to allow President Bush and his fleet of aircraft to fly into Heathrow rather than a military base was one all of Heathrow’s users could have done without"

The airline boss said he was "angry this was allowed".

BAA said it did everything in its power to minimise disruption and apologised to passengers affected by the delays and cancellations.

The operator also claimed that Heathrow was the best airport for the president to fly into as he was visiting Windsor Castle during his trip.

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