Young travellers ‘willing to fly budget to save money’

Young travellers 'willing to fly budget to save money'Most young holidaymakers are prepared to catch low-cost flights from hubs such as Luton or Stansted Airport if it means they have more money to spend at their destination, according to Luxury Travel magazine.

Alyson Cook, the magazine’s editor, said that the younger generation is always seeking new experiences and is willing to forgo certain luxuries in order to visit far-flung destinations or unusual events.

She also claimed that many holidaymakers are willing to fly with low-cost airlines if it means they can spend more on quality accommodation.

"The younger traveller, who has grown up with low-cost carriers, is quite happy to make a journey to Stansted or Luton or any other small airport and get a low-cost carrier, and save their money for spending when they are actually at the destination," Ms Cook said.

"The older generation will still favour the traditional scheduled carriers."

According to a survey by Luxury Travel, the top ten predicted growth destinations for this year include China, India, the Middle East, India, the Maldives and the USA.

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