Child safety scheme at Bristol Airport

Child safety scheme at Bristol AirportBristol Airport has introduced a new child safety initiative to help families during the busy summer holiday rush, the BBC has reported.

Police community support officer Maria Tudgee who works at Bristol Airport developed a scheme which involves parents attaching identity wristbands with contact details to their children in case they get lost or separated.

Ms Tudgee told the BBC: "This scheme will enable us to engage with parents and children as they come through the airport and help them realise how important it is to stay together and not wander off while on holiday."

Each wristband costs £1 with proceeds going to the Cots for Tots campaign which helps critically ill babies at Bristol children’s hospital.

Speaking to the BBC, Alison Roberts, of Bristol International Airport, said: "Thousands of families will pass through the airport during August. The wristbands will help reunite children with their parents should they get lost, whether it is on the beach or in the departure lounge."

Bristol Airport was the ninth busiest airport in the UK in 2007 with 5,926,774 passengers, according to the Civil Aviation Authority.

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