Robin Hood Airport announces expansion plan

Robin Hood Airport announces expansion planBosses at Robin Hood Airport have revealed plans to expand the gateway as part of their vision for the future.

Airport owner Peel Airports has announced that Robin Hood Aiport could undergo a substantial expansion in a bid to attract an increasing number of business and leisure travellers to the region.

In its Draft Master Plan, bosses at the airport said they expect 6.6 million passengers to use the hub by 2016 and forecast the figure to rise to 10.8 million by 2030.

Neil Pakey, deputy chief executive of Peel Airports, believes that Robin Hood Airport will reach these targets despite environmental concerns and the fact the aviation industry has been hit hard by the global economic downturn.

"We believe these proposals provide a balance between the clear economic benefits of further airport expansion and the inevitable environmental impacts which must be managed by the airport company," he said.

Ryanair recently announced that August was its second busiest month ever at Robin Hood Airport.

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