Northern Lights flight available from Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield

Northern Lights flight available from Robin Hood Airport Doncaster SheffieldRobin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield is offering a one-off flight to see the Northern Lights in March.

Two astronomers will join passengers on the three-hour flight to the natural display of lights which takes place in the polar regions.

Jodi Stow, marketing and communications manager for Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield, said there was an 80 per cent chance that the lights would be visible.

She added that if the conditions were right it would be an "unforgettable flight".

"This is a really unusual destination but a very popular one as it makes a very unique gift or Christmas present," Ms Stow explained.

She commented that previous trips had booked up in advance.

The Northern Lights vary depending on weather conditions and can be a greenish glow or a dramatic burst of red.

Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield’s flight will head over Scotland and the Shetland Isles to south Norway.

This comes after Doncaster celebrated 100 years of flying earlier this month.

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