Heathrow Airport waves off Emma Watson

Heathrow Airport waves off Emma WatsonHeathrow Airport was the travel hub of choice for Emma Watson when she recently departed the UK for the US.

The Harry Potter actress was spotted at the London facility on the afternoon of Sunday April 24th, pulling her luggage through a terminal and carrying an additional bag.

She was pictured wearing a grey-green hat, patchwork scarf, leggings, tan-coloured shoes and a navy-blue coat.

This month Heathrow was also chosen by reality TV star Katie Price, who flew from the travel hub to South America to meet up with the family of her boyfriend, Leandro Penna, a native of the continent.

Ms Price chose to fly to Argentina in a smart outfit, that was composed of knee-high boots and a fur lined wrap that covered the rest of the ensemble. She was also pictured chatting on her mobile phone and sporting dark sunglasses, perhaps in an effort to evade the paparazzi.

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