Manchester Airport supports opera performances for babies

Manchester Airport supports opera performances for babiesTomorrow and Wednesday (May 24th and 25th), Manchester Airport is backing two performances of Scottish Opera's BabyO – an opera for infants.

Youngsters who live in Knutsford and Wythenshawe can attend the events for free at the St John's Church and Wythenshawe Forum Centre, respectively.

The performances are being held as a preview to the Music Boxes project, which will be held at the Manchester International Festival in July.

This "melodic adventure" is designed for youngsters aged between six months and seven years old.

During the performances, vocalists will use baby-friendly noises, like buzzing bees and quacking ducks, rather than lyrics.

"We believe that a thriving theatre and arts scene helps to support inbound tourism and inward investment and are delighted to be a part of this unique project in two of our key local communities," Dr. Jonathan Bailey, director of external affairs for the Manchester Airports Group, said.

In addition, Manchester Airport offers support to families through its play area in terminal 2, which is free for children aged three to 12.

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