Ash update issued by Edinburgh Airport, Newcastle Airport

Ash update issued by Edinburgh Airport, Newcastle AirportBoth Edinburgh Airport and Newcastle Airport have today (May 25th) issued updates on travel light of the eruption of the Grimsvotn volcano.

The Icelandic volcano began erupting this month and has released a volcanic ash cloud that has caused some disruption to travel in Europe.

However, Newcastle Airport said at 07:30 BST this morning that the facility had been operating fully for a number of hours.

A statement read: "Extra staff have been on duty in an effort to get as many people as possible away."

The airport said that a few flights were cancelled during the morning but passengers should still contact their airline before they commence their travels.

In addition, Edinburgh Airport said that services form the facility will hopefully be operating fully by the end of today. However, the Scottish travel hub also urged its passengers to speak to their airlines before they begin travelling as there could be some disruptions.

However, the National Air Traffic Services offered good news, saying that at the present time UK airspace is not being impacted on by the volcanic ash cloud.

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